Regardless of your age, a day at the beach is the perfect time to let your immature side out and become a child again (if you don’t already do that daily like me).

While most love to take a dip in the sea or relax in the heat with an ice-cold beverage, others enjoy beach activities and we have found the perfect one for you childish horror lovers.

Thanks to Toysmith, you can get yourself a Bag O’ Beach Bones Playset which allows you to imprint a life-sized skeleton into the sand.

Credit – Amazon

While its main purpose is an extra activity for kids so they’re able to enjoy more outdoor fun, we can’t help but get excited about the idea of watching innocent beachgoers scream in terror as they stumble upon the pile of sand bones.

Despite my clear evil intentions, the Bag O’ Beach Bones serves as a learning toy for kids as they get to piece together an anatomically correct human skeleton.

The Skeleton Sand Mold includes 15 separate pieces which range from 6-inches to 14-inches long.

Credit – Amazon

If you’re eager to get your hands on one of the skeleton sand molds, head over to Amazon – HERE! – where you’re now able to pre-order, awaiting its August 22 release.

For those ordering one for themselves or another family member, just know all orders will arrive between September 2 and September 17.

Whether you’re looking to frighten the life out of people or you know somebody who’s an aspiring anatomist, this Bag O’ Beach Bones is the perfect gift for you.

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Credit – Creepy Candles

Will you be buying yourself a Skeleton Sand Mold? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.