Home Lifestyle You Can Now Get A Creepy Mask With Your Own Face Printed On It

You Can Now Get A Creepy Mask With Your Own Face Printed On It

You Can Now Get A Creepy Mask With Your Own Face Printed On It

Worldwide lockdown and social distancing have been a struggle for most, and while masks and gloves have become an essential living item, this one is rather… strange.

Thanks to Maskalike, anybody wanting to exchange their plain blue mask for something a little more personal can, as you’re now able to print your own (or somebody else’s) face onto a personalized face mask.

This cool but incredibly creepy mask is so realistic, it almost looks as if you are peeling the actual skin off of your face.

Credit – Maskalike

Danielle Baskin (no relation to Carole) is the designing mastermind behind these freakily stylish essential items which can be used to keep you safe during the pandemic or even as an accessory to your Halloween costume.

However, it’s not just your own face that you can print on these protective masks, you can also don a mask covered by your favorite meme personality, just as Baskin does here.

The mask can be bursting with creativity as you will be able to fill it with an image idea you have. Want a spooky ghoul mask? Want to get a portrait of your pet? Or do you simply want to avoid people stealing your pictures by using a copyrighted Getty Images logo like this one below? The options are truly endless.

The face masks are completely washing-machine friendly, can be customized to your heart’s content, and are made out of cotton.

If you are like the thousands of other people who cannot wait to don a mask of their own face (or somebody else’s), you can join the waitlist to be one of the first in the world to be notified when the products are available to order.

You can visit Maskalike HERE, where you’ll be able to find their email if you are interested in bulk ordering or any other inquiries.

What do you think of the masks? Will you scare your family with a face mask of your own? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments.