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Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Crushed It As The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Crushed It As The Joker

There’s obviously a lot of skepticism surrounding the upcoming Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix.

For the past several years, its been a struggle for predecessors to live up to the late Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the iconic villain. While nobody may ever live up to a performance of that magnitude, perhaps Joaquin Phoenix can come close. He will play the character in the upcoming film ‘Joker’ set to release in October of this year.

Per a report from Justin Shanlian of the ‘Shanlian on Batman’ podcast, Phoenix is getting a lot of praise for his performance. He also put over the script for the film and said they really nailed the character:

“Been told by many that #JoaquinPhoenix has crushed it as #TheJoker The more I hear about this project the more EXCITED I get for it! You’re ALL in for a treat when this film is released in October! Heard that the script is incredible and they’ve nailed the character of #TheJoker

‘Joker’ is being directed by ‘War Dogs’ and ‘Hangover’ part two and three director Todd Phillips. Phillips also co-wrote the script with Scott Silver.

As if that weren’t enough, Phillips is also co-producing the film with Bradley Cooper and Emma Tillinger Koskoff. As of this writing, ‘Joker’ is scheduled for an October 4th release date.