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10 Scientifically Most Painful Ways To Die Ever

Modern medicine has eased the process of the inevitable moment of death into something straight out of a dream. You can easily choose to be surrounded by your loved ones on your deathbed, snoozing while completely off your head on painkillers. But, not many people are as lucky. Some of the most painful ways to die still exist to this day and many have the privilege of experiencing them. Scientists have narrowed down 10 most painful ways to die after years of immaculate research. If you still have a choice in the matter, you might consider the following:

“Mine’s the Most Painful Death!”

For thousands of years, mankind has been killing and executing as well as dying from natural causes. Each person claims that a certain method of dying is the worst that is possible. But There was really no way to know such a thing because the beholder can not describe the feeling, can they? But since the advent of modern science and radical methods of biology, researchers have finally listed the most painful ways to die in a chronological order.


Starvation Most Painful Ways

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When the human body starves, it turns to stored fat for burning and creation of energy. Once the fat is burned through, the body directs its attention to muscle. Eventually, the body will run out of options to burn and consume in order to keep you alive. Your body’s immune system will break down leaving you defenseless in the face of disease. Fatigue and listlessness will follow suit. Tissue degradation will ensue and your body will start breaking down your vital organs. In the last phase, cardiac arrest occurs. In other words, your body will metabolize your heart.


Dehydration Painful Ways

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The human body is around 60% made up of water. Without the vital liquid, the human body ceases to function. Similar to starvation, when you are dehydrated your body draws on water from other parts in your body such as cells including your brain’s. Headaches, delirium, eventual coma and certain death is upon you. Your vital organs will shut down one at a time starting with your kidneys. Waste products that are generally removed in urine will remain in your body causing toxicity levels to rise. Blood volume will reduce and muscles will cramp. Wanna know the best part? This process takes two weeks to complete.


Decapitation Most Painful Ways

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A great choice in the most painful ways to die, decapitation has always been a favorite choice in capital punishment. What many people are unaware of is that the liberated head remains conscious for a short duration following decapitation. Dr. Beaurieux wrote a detailed report in 1905 detailing what occurs to a decapitated head.

“The face relaxed, the lids half closed on the eyeballs, leaving only the white of the conjunctiva visible […] It was then that I called in a strong, sharp voice: ‘Languille!’ I saw the eyelids slowly lift up, without any spasmodic contractions … Next Languille’s eyes very definitely fixed themselves on mine and the pupils focused themselves.”

The scientist repeated himself thrice and on the third attempt the head became unresponsive. Beheading generally takes more than one blow to get the deed done. In those moments, one would wish he were never born.

Lethal Injection

Lethal Injection Ways To Die Ever

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Many people are under the impression that lethal injection should never appear on a list of most painful ways to die. This is not actually true. Lethal injection has become a common practice and is carried out in three stages: sodium thiopental for unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide for paralysis and potassium chloride for final death. As there is no standard dose for each dose, in most cases the sodium thiopental administered is far too low. The pancuronium bromide, on the other hand, is usually given in a close to a lethal dosage which renders the victim conscious yet paralyzed. When the final stage arrives, most victims have been seen attempting to sit up, groaning and writhing in pain while their vitals shut off.

Electric Chair

Electric Chair Scientifically Painful Ways

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The good ol’ electric chair easily secures a spot amongst most painful ways to die as it essentially cooks its occupant. When the current flows through the body it stops the heart, jams the nervous system and boils the blood. The body will swell up and every orifice will spew hot boiling blood. In some cases, the eyes will catch fire and bits and pieces will fall off of the body. On the other hand, at times the current is not large enough. Instead of flash frying, the body is slow cooked for ten whole minutes. Seeing how the current restricts motion entirely, the victim is conscious as he slowly cooks to death.


Crucifixion Painful Ways To Die Ever

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Most people believe that crucifixion is symbolic but in truth, it is far more barbaric and brutal than what meets the eye. Believe it or not, nailing the body upon the cross is not the worst part. In fact, the majority of crucifixion cases reveal that the victim died of suffocation. Initially, the victim will support his weight on the nailed hands and feet. However, soon enough all the energy ebbs away leaving the torso to sag. This pulls out the arms from their sockets. In this uncomfortable position, the victim is rendered incapable of breathing properly. Slowly but surely the oxygen intake reduces to nil and the build up of carbon dioxide levels rise. This process continues over days.


Decompression Painful Ways

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Decompression chambers are not exactly used for torture. However, on one horrifying occasion in history, four drivers experienced an explosive decompression while in a decompression chamber on the Byford Dolphin oil rig in 1983. One of the divers encountered the full impact of atmospheric pressure from nine to one in a fraction of a second. The contents of his abdomen and thoracic region inclusive of his spine were flung out of his body up to 30 feet. His organs, trachea, and chest were found scattered within the chamber.

On a less sudden decompression occasion in the Russian Soyuz-11 mission, the victims went through the excruciating pain. The crew experienced decompression after entering the atmosphere and a seal leaked. The cabin depressurized slowly. The pressure obstructed intake of air and pushed out all air from the body. Gas present in the lungs expanded, penetrating through tissue and entered the bloodstream. Obstructing blood flow and causing muscle cramps, the entire crew was dead by the time they landed.


Burning Most Painful Ways To Die Ever


Throughout history, burning has been used as a means of torture and death. If luck is in your favor, the toxic fumes will end you before the burning begins. In cases where the cause of death is actual burning, the results are horrifying. Once the flames touch your skin, your nervous system will be kick started – an instinct to get you away from the cause of pain. The paralyzing pain will last until the top layer of flesh comes off. An onset of deeper duller pain will ensue and you will smell your flesh cooking. Eventually, your heart will fail due to the fluid and blood loss.


Radiation Scientifically Ways

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Unlike all superhero tales, getting hit by radiation does far more damage than mutating you to possess supernatural abilities. In high doses, radiation rips apart your cells, killing white and red blood cells. The weakened immune system is accompanied by hemophilia and anemia. Extreme doses will burn your skin off as well as risk neurological demise. Tremors and seizures will kick in. Nothing can save you in this state and all the bone marrow and blood transfusions are useless. Death comes upon you and it does so fast.


Scaphism Scientifically Most Painful Ways

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Few are aware of the details of this grisly act. Easily at the top of the most painful ways to die lists, it was invented by the Persians. Incredibly artistic, the act involved the victim being stuffed in a hollowed out trunk or between two boats. The head and feet of the victim protruded from either end. Following this, they were force-fed milk and honey in large amounts. The onslaught of horrendous diarrhea did not stop the force-feeding. As a final show, milk and honey were poured all over the body particularly the mouth, eyes, and genitals.

Insects were attracted to the mess and the hollowed out tree trunk made for a great home. The body would soon turn gangrenous as the insects burrowed within the flesh, feeding, excreting and living. The torture would drag on for a prolonged period. When death eventually came, it was caused by exhaustion, starvation, dehydration or even septic shock.

As far as the names of the most painful ways to die are concerned, they sound pretty normal and ordinary. But when you read the details of the process you can almost feel it in your lungs, intestines, throat and it will make your skin tingle all over. Hunger seems like a normal thing. “All African children are suffering from it, it won’t be so painful” you might have reckoned. But did you think the same after you read what it truly feels like? No? You have some guts! Try not getting Scaph-ed or your guts will be burst with sweet irony!

On a serious note, don’t ever think you will not have a painful death. There is a 50% chance you will have an agonizing death as your soul departs from your shivering body. If these most painful ways to die remind you about your fears, or your fantasies, we really hope you get what you desire and enjoy the process once it finally hits the clock.

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