10 Of The Most Gruesome Deaths In Saw Movies That’ll Satisfy Your Inner Psychopath

Time to look back at the horrific deaths.

I know we as an audience have been desensitized to seeing gore and violence on screen. However, that doesn’t make the following deaths in the Saw movies any less gruesome.

While we are all expecting deathly traps and gory deaths when we step into the cinema to watch these movies, it still cannot ever prepare us for the increasingly horrific violence we see.

I know that a refresher for these movies isn’t really all that needed but what better time is there to look back than now? So that is why we have gathered some of the most brutal deaths in one list. Huge spoilers ahead. 

#1 The Angel Trap – Saw III, Kerry’s death.

Detective Allison Kerry finds herself in a difficult position when she wakes up. She can either find the key (Which is in a jar of acid) Or get ripped open.

Spoiler alert: She gets ripped open.

#2 The Rack – Saw III, Timothy’s death.

Timothy gets to twist his body in a way never thought humanly possible, and do you want to know the worst thing about all this? (Except his death and all) The sounds.

#3 The Knife Chair – Saw IV, Cecil’s death.

Want to get out of torture chamber? Just press your face hard against the razor-sharp knives. Simple really. I mean even Cecil chose the latter. Oh.

#4 The Ice Block Trap – Saw IV, Eric’s death.

We all knew it would end badly for Eric the moment he was hung from a noose over a melting ice block. If only he had a refrigerator.

#5 The Coffin – Saw V, Strahm’s death.

Strahm was a fool to not listen to the orders. But he quickly realized that as he saw his only hope (A glass coffin) rose to safety.

#6 The Pendulum – Saw V, Seth’s death.

Why do these people always make the wrong choice? It was simple really. Either get your hands drilled in or get disemboweled. Seth obviously chose the latter.

#7 The Pound of Flesh – Saw VI, Eddie’s death.

You have to sacrifice some flesh to save your life sometimes. (Wait, that isn’t how the saying goes!?)

#8 The Brazen Bull Oven – Saw 3D, Joyce’s death.

Doesn’t the name say it all? After all, it was Joyce’s finale, and she deserved something special. Her husband just couldn’t save her but is anyone really surprised?

#9 The Public Execution – Saw 3D, Dina’s death.

The public part of this just makes it all the more excruciating. Jigsaw sure does know how to punish.

#10 Jill’s Dream sequence – Saw 3D.

I know that some might consider this cheating since this is a dream but that’s what makes it all the more violent. After all, there is no science in dreams.

Did we miss any gruesome deaths? (We probably did since there is no way we could show all of the deaths in the saw movies here.) Well, did we miss any of your favorite horrific deaths? (You weirdo.) If so comment on below and let us know!

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