5 Of The Most Gruesome Murders That Happened During The Holidays

Holidays are not always the time for celebration.

Turns out they can be the perfect time for some gruesome murders. I mean that is what the following people thought. Most of the murders on this list include the deaths of family members so one can only imagine why someone would want to do such a thing on a holiday no less.

So settle down in your bed and scroll on below.

#1 Lawson family massacre, 1929.

The above picture is the only portrait of the Lawson family. Now it might look like a normal picture to everyone, it’s origins however are terrifying. You see a few nights before Christmas 43-year-old Charlie Lawson took his family to the market to buy new clothes for the portrait. Now you might think, what’s so weird about that?

Well, it wasn’t normal in that day and age for someone of his social standing to do this. He was after all only a working class sharecropper. Turns out he had already made plans to kill all of his family. It was Christmas afternoon when it took place. He waited by the barn for his two daughter; Carrie (12) and Maybell (7) and shot them instantly with a 12 gauge shotgun. Then he bludgeoned them so they were barely recognizable.

He then moved his daughters bodies to the barn before shooting his wife Fannie (37) who was on the porch. His two sons, James (4) and Raymond (2) heard the gunshot and hid but he soon found them and shot then and his daughter Marie (17). Then he went on to bludgeon his 4 month old Mary Lou. Soon after he killed himself.

The only survivor was his oldest son Arthur who was 16 at the time. However, we don’t even know why Charlie killed his family. Some have speculated he had incestuous relationships with Marie but we will never know.

#2 Los Feliz mansion murders, 1959.

Los Feliz mansion murders

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While we all know L.A is the home to many grisly murders and it may not be anything new by now. But in the December of ‘59, there was a particular murder/suicide that was truly terrifying. It actually happened at the Spanish revival home at 2475 Glendower Place in Los Feliz.

On the fated day of 6th December, a cardiologist Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife Lillian with a ball-peen hammer until she died by asphyxiating on her own blood. She wasn’t even aware as to what was happening until it was too late.

Then he walked towards her daughter Judye’s bedroom. She however wailed and screamed. Reportedly the neighbors could hear her. That was not enough to stop him so he tried to struck her but missed. She ran to their neighbors for help.

However, the two youngest siblings Joel and Debbie had now woken up because of all the noise. Harold told them to go back to sleep stating that “This is only a nightmare.”  He then took some kind of tranquilizer and he was dead before the police could arrive.

#3 The Wholaver murders, 2002.

Ernest. R Wholaver was actually charged with sexual offenses that included him molesting his own two daughters Victoria (20) and minor Elizabeth (15). When his wife Jean found out, she filed against him and obtained an order under the Protection From Abuse Act. So he was essentially prohibited to enter Jean’s and her daughter house.

He was also prohibited to purchase or use any kind of firearm but that didn’t stop him. Because he and his brother planned to break into the house of his former wife on Christmas Eve in 2002. His brother waited outside as a lookout while Ernest cut the telephone wires and entered the property.

He then went on to shoot his wife and both his daughters. He left Victoria’s infant unharmed. Soon after Wholaver was arrested and he has been on death row since 2004 while his brother was sentenced to serve 15-25 years in jail.

#4 Covina massacre, 2008.

Bruce Pardo dressed up as Santa Clause and knocked on her ex-wifes house. 25 people were gathered at the party in the Christmas eve of 2008. 8-year-old niece of his wife opened the door and greeted him. He greeted back with a gun in her face. Then he walked in and started shooting literally everyone who was there.

He had 4 handguns and a gift-wrapped flame thrower with him. Her ex-wife’s parents, two brothers and their wives, her sister, and her nephew were all killed. The 8 year old girl however survived with injuries. After he was done with killing everyone, he unrapped the flamethrower and torched everyone.

One survivor who managed to escape went to their neighbors for help. Pardo then changed into his normal clothes and drove to his brothers house where he died from a self-inflicted injury. The bodies of the victims were unrecognizable and dental records had to be used to identify them.

#5 Hidden present, 2011.

Michelle O’Dowd (67) was an amazing friend to Michelle White (41). Since she did offer White a home to stay in when White was homeless. What Michelle didn’t know was that this would lead to her death. In the December of 2011 however, their friendship went a little sour and things weren’t looking too good between them.

Michelle’s twin brother was always a tiny bit suspicious of White so when his sister didn’t show up for work and wasn’t picking up her phone, he went to her house. What he saw there sent chills down his spine. He saw the foot of her sister under the same Christmas tree that Michelle had spent such a long time to decorate hidden behind the presents.

After further investigation, it was clear that White had killed her and hide her there for her family to find. Family members of Michelle were quite appalled as they considered White to be art of their family and couldn’t believe that she would do such a thing. White also stole her debit and credit cards but was soon caught using an ATM.

She was sentenced for 45 years in prison and remains in jail.

Happy Holidays indeed!

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