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Annabelle: Creation Gets A Scary 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes can be a very mixed bag when it comes to films. The infamous website has become the gold standard when it comes to film reviews as it allows audience participation so that fans can get a “man-on-the-street” perspective. The general public has come to trust Rotten Tomatoes more that established critics in recent years.

(Source: Annabelle Creation Warner Bros.)

Take, for instance, the Conjuring series, with two titular films, a spin-off named Annabelle which received a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a sequel entitled Annabelle: Creation set to be released August 11. After a screening in LA in June, viewers headed over to Rotten Tomatoes to give their feedback, which has been unusually high.

The average rating is 7.9/10, however, the site is listing the film with a 100% approval rating. our of 4500 people polled, 92% said that they would see the film upon release. Hollywood Reporter critic Justin Lowe says:

“[Director David F. Sandberg] demonstrates a deft affinity for the elaboration of horror conventions, as well as the expansion of the Conjuring universe.”

Despite 100% approval, not everyone has a glowing review, however. Variety’s Peter Deburge says:

“This effective yet empty-headed horror movie goes to show how eager audiences are to be scared, and how even an unsightly doll can do the trick when the spirit is willing.”

The prequel film will focus on the creation of the demonic doll, which came to be after a family loses their daughter in a car accident only for the little girl to possess a doll that her father created. The film will spin off another popular character from the franchise with the nun from Conjuring 2. A film featuring that character is scheduled for a July 13, 2018, release.

The Conjuring series has been quite popular among horror fans and is set to spin off another character from the first film in The Crooked man. Producer Peter Safran told the Hollywood Reporter:

“I think there’s something fascinating in the Crooked Man. Maybe tonally he’s not as grounded as The Conjuring itself is, and maybe that’s why some people felt it wasn’t what they were looking for in The Conjuring, but I suspect a movie with him would be really, really cool.

“I just love what that character can be. We have some interesting ideas for him.”

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s the trailer for Annabelle: Creation!

(Featured Image credit: Annabelle: Creation Warner Bros.)