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These ‘Alien’ Mushrooms Are A Horrifying Fungus From Britain

These ‘Alien’ Mushrooms Are A Horrifying Fungus From Britain

Some years ago, this alien-looking mushroom – more commonly known as the Octopus Stinkhorn, Devil’s Fingers, or Phalloid Fungus – was spotted growing in and around the New Forest district in Britain.

Below, you can see the early stages of the fungus as the sac gently confines the long, terrible smelling red fingers before their eventual release.

Credit – Dan Hoare/Twitter

What makes this stand out from the rest, and also look quite otherworldly, is the fact that this fungus surfaces from an egg, whereas most usually emerge from the earth.

The Octopus Stinkhorn are native to Australia and New Zealand but found their way in Europe around 1914.

In the next stage of growth, the mushroom matures, revealing four creature-like tentacles which eventually grow to around 5-10cm in length.

Credit – Dan Hoare/Twitter

A bad-smelling goo known as ‘gleba’ covers the inside of the tentacles (or fingers), attracting flies.

The once joined together fingers then split, spread out, and droop, which resembles an Octopus.

Credit – Dan Hoare/Twitter

While it looks completely poisonous and dangerous, these mushrooms are rumored to be edible in the egg stage, while some countries still consider the fungus a delicacy. Though, nothing has been proven on the eating front.

Below, you can watch a video that shows the mushroom growing and demon-like tentacles emerging from the egg sac.

Although it is a measly 10 centimeters long, the fungus has an incredibly terrifying look that could easily lead the strongest minded people to look away.

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