Home Horror News These Menacing Bath Bombs Come With Creepy Crawlies Inside

These Menacing Bath Bombs Come With Creepy Crawlies Inside

These Menacing Bath Bombs Come With Creepy Crawlies Inside

Bath bombs have quickly risen to fame and people just can’t get enough of these uniquely scented products that dissolve in your bath water and turn it into a crazy combination of colors.

While millions are enjoying bath bombs, not everyone has taken a liking to them, mostly because of their strict sale-audience being young adults and women.

Now, horror junkies can get in on the fun as these Oogie Boogie bath bombs transform your tub into a witches cauldron, and while the bath bomb begins to evaporate, it reveals a terrifying creepy-crawly stuck inside.

I mean, who doesn’t want to lay back and relax in a bath filled with a mystical green potion and home to creepy crawlies? It’s every kid’s dream.

These ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ inspired bath bombs were made by The Mad Bombers, a business that specializes in haunting bathroom products.


Also this creepy clown bath bomb.

Although they’re taking a short break due to obvious reasons, you are free and welcome to browse The Mad Bombers collection of horrifyingly cool products, which range from dead fish soap bars, vibrant bath and body moisturizing shimmer oils, alien headed bath bombs, bloody beach body washes, and much much more.

Another fairly popular bath bomb in The Mad Bombers selection of spooky goods is this extremely intriguing Jason Voorhees mask bath bomb. I wonder if anything appears after this one dissolves…

The Mad Bombers are no slouches, however, as they’ve been in the bath products business for multiple years.

If you’re interested in their products, you can join almost 55,000 other people and follow their official Instagram page where you will find an array of their wonderful supplies, HERE!

What do you think about these creepy bath bombs? Do you already own one of their products? Make sure to let us know in the comments.