10+ Creepy and Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries

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Unsolved mysteries are some of the most scariest things out there. This means that the killer or whomever the “bad person” is in the case got away with their act and probably committed more in due time. It’s scary and sad to think that families are still trying to cope with the unsolved cases of their missing loved ones and it’s heartbreaking to hear there hasn’t been any breakthrough on any of those cases.

These bizarre and terrifying mysteries are some of the most bone-chilling tales you will ever read. They will leave you scratching your head and will have you trying to solve the case for the people involved in these mysteries.

1. America’s First Mystery: The Lost Colony of Roanoke

America's First Mystery: The Lost Colony of Roanoke
Where the colony of Roanoke was located. 

Image via: Smithsonian Mag

This is probably the most bizarre mysteries of all time. In 1587, a group that consisted of 90 men, 11 women, and 11 children settled on Roanoke Island- and completely vanished. No one knows where they went or what happened to them, but to this day no one could crack the code of what happened to this small colony. The only clues that people have discovered were the words “CROATOAN” and “CRO” carved into the wood in their fort. To this day, people scratch their heads and try to figure out what happened to the colony, but no one knows.

2. Clairvius Narcisse: The Real-Life Voodoo Zombie of Haiti

Clairvius Narcisse: The Real-Life Voodoo Zombie of Haiti
Clairvius Narcisse at his grave.

Image via: Anomaly Info

After being declared dead for 18 years and his body resting in the ground, Clairvius returned from his grave and shocked his family. People believed that he was brought back to life by a Voodoo sorcerer and was sold to a sugar plantation. He was a slave there for two years and once the sorcerer died, which is still up to debate about how he did die, Clairvius hid from his brother who was trying to poison him over a land dispute and as soon as his brother passed away, Clairvius came out of hiding and reunited with his family. The whole story with him is still up to date but it is said that he had lived for another 14 years after reuniting with his family.

3. The Vanishing Crew of the Carroll A. Deering: A Maritime Mystery

The Vanishing Crew of the Carroll A. Deering: A Maritime Mystery
The Carroll A. Deering 

Image via: Historic Mysteries

On January 31, 1921, the Carroll A. Deering was spotted off of the shore of North Carolina and one of the men on the ship got in contact with Captain Jacobson of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse. He informed Jacobson that the ship had lost their anchors and that crew was acting weird and in an unusual fashion. Due to inclement weather, the ship couldn’t be reached for several days and when crews arrived at the boat, the crew of the ship was completely gone. Everything was gone off of the ship, including the crews’ belongings, devices, and life boats, and it appeared that the crew was preparing a meal when they all just vanished. To this day, no one knows what happened to the Deering crew.

4. Cold Case: The Somerton Man

Cold Case: The Somerton Man
How authorities found this man. 

Image via: Owlcation

In Australia, the body of a suspected Soviet spy was found propped up against a wall at Somerton beach. As people investigated the body and tried to figure out where this man came from, they found a note in his pocket that read: “Tamam Shud. It is finished”. Police received this note and have tracked down ciphers, suspects, and a possible illegitimate son, but this case still isn’t cracked and no one knows where this man came from and who killed him.

5. Bodies On The Hill: The Enduring History of the Lead Masks Case

Bodies On The Hill: The Enduring History of the Lead Masks Case
The two men and the masks that were found over their eyes. 

Image via: Reddit

On August 20th, 1966, a young man was flying a kite on Vietnam Hill, located in Rio de Janeiro, and stumbled upon bodies of two men farther up on the hill. He ran and reported the incident to the police but they couldn’t reach the bodies until the next day because of the rough terrain that surrounded them. The two men were stretched out next to each other in matching formal suits with rain coats covering them as well as lead masks that were covering their eyes. People speculate that they were encountered by other worldly creatures because there were no signs of trauma, struggle, or anything on their bodies. No one knows for sure who or what killed these men, but their case is one of the most bizarre cases of all time.

6. Russia’s Mysterious Dyatlov Incident

Russia's Mysterious Dyatlov Incident
One of the bodies found on the mountain. 

Image via: The Unredacted

A group of college kids went out on an adventure one day and decided to go camping on a Russian mountain one day. They set up their camp and was enjoying themselves, but soon no one heard from them. One this group of college kids were found, the people who found them were left in shock because all of the college kids had been slaughtered. One girl was missing her tongue while others were found in nothing but underwear. No one knows why this particular group of kids were killed and no one knows who did this, but it was an extremely disheartening case for the families of the victims.

7. The Unsolved Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold

The Unsolved Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold
The poster for Dorothy.

Image via: Bowery Boys History

Young Dorothy Arnold was living the life in 20th century New York. She spent the majority of her days writing because she wanted to become published at one point in her life. Her dream soon disappeared after she vanished on December 12, 1910 after she had a nice encounter with an acquaintance. After she said goodbye to her friend on 27th Street, no one knows exactly what happened to her.

8. The Mysterious Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Beaumont Children
The Beaumont children.

Image via: ABC NET

In south Australia, there is a popular suburb in Adelaide named Glenelg that was extremely popular because of its location- right on the water. Everyone enjoyed their time at this beach paradise and soaked in the sun for as long as they possibly could, but darkness soon washed over this beach when three children went missing. On January 26, 1966 (Australia Day), Jane (9), Arnna (7), and Grant (4) were planning to go swimming on this beautiful day, so they hopped on a bus at 10:00 am that is only a five minute ride to the beach. The children had completed trips like this before and Nancy, their mother, was going to spend the morning with her friend while Jim, their father, would be working. Nancy firmly instructed the children to be home by 2:00 pm so they could have lunch. As the 2:00 pm lunch time came about, the mother waited as busses passed by her and her children were not getting off of them. The police declared the children missing the next day. The children were seen at different times while they were at the beach, but when the mail person was questioned, his timeline seemed off to the police when he said he encountered the children around 3:00 pm. Nonetheless, after the police obtained the claim from the mail person, the case went cold and no one knows what happened to the children after their day at the beach.

9. The Mysterious Faces of Bélmez

The Mysterious Faces of Bélmez
The faces the family saw. 

Image via: Cool Interesting Stuff

Have you ever heard of people saying they see Jesus in their food or that Mother Mary was in the sky? Well, these faces are similar to that, except no one knows exactly where they came from and why they are there. Deep in the heart of Southern Spain, eerie faces started to appear on the kitchen door in a family’s home, but no one knows why these faces are appearing at random. They’re creepy and unexplainable, but people believe that they are faces of long-lost souls while others believe they’re just the family’s imagination. No one knows who to believe, but the faces continue to appear.

10. The Unsolved Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

The Unsolved Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden
A still of Paula.

Image via: NY Daily News

Bennington, Vermont is a small town that no one would have heard of until the disappearance of Paula Jean Welden. On a December afternoon in 1946, 18-year-old Paula Jean walked into the snow covered woods after she left her dorm room at Bennington College and disappeared without a trace. Paula was seen the day she went missing at various times as she made her way to the trail, but after she ignored a man in Bickford Hollow, she was never seen again. People searched for her for days after her disappearance, but no one knows where Paula hiked off to or if someone took her. The innocent hike to take a break from studying turned into a horrible event that has been unsolved since 1946.

11. The Bizarre Death of Elisa Lam

The Bizarre Death of Elisa Lam
Elisa in the elevator, where she was found, and what she looks like. 

Image via: I Horror

This is probably one of the more recent and most talked about mysterious cases that has happened after the year 2010. In 2013, Elisa Lam entered an elevator in the Cecil Hotel and was found doing strange actions inside of the elevator. She would look out of the elevator doors constantly whenever they opened, she often times looked like she was hiding from someone, and she was just all around acting in an unusual fashion. After she exited the elevator, she was never seen again until she turned up in the water storage unit of the hotel. The only reason why she was found was because guests complained about the water tasting off and when workers of the hotel went to go investigate what could be causing the water tasting funny, that is when they found Elisa’s body. No one knows how she got in there because the only way for her to get in there was through a small hole that she wouldn’t be able to fit through and there was no video evidence of her after she left the elevator. To this day, her case is one of the greatest mysteries of all time as to how she got killed and how she ended up in the water storage unit.

12. The Sodder Children Disappearance of 1945

The Sodder Children Disappearance of 1945
The flyer for the Sodder children.

Image via: Smithsonian Mag

On Christmas morning in 1945, a fire started in the Sodder family home and destroyed the entire house. Unfortunately, the Sodder children were left inside of the house as the fire erupted, making people believe that they had died in the blaze. However, no bones or bodies were found in the ashes, meaning the children had just vanished. The police strongly believed they died in the fire though, but the mother had other beliefs because the night before the fire, she received a few phone calls that had no one on the other end of them. She believed that the phone calls were coming in because someone was checking to see if anyone was home and during the night she heard movement on the roof. To this day, though, it is a great mystery as to what truly happened to the Sodder family children.

13. The Eerie Coincidences of the Erdington Murders

The Eerie Coincidences of the Erdington Murders
The two girls involved in these murders. 

Image via: Birmingham Mail

In Birmingham, England there is a quaint suburb named Erdington and it dates back to the 9th century. There is a dark chapter to the rich history of this historical town, though, because there are two unsolved cases of two females getting murdered. What makes these murders more disturbing is that they are exactly similar, especially the date these horrific murders took place, and these murders were 157 years apart. People believe that the murders were an extreme coincidence but others speculate that the murders were the case of something much more sinister. Whatever the case may be, these murders are still unsolved and are some of the darkest chapters in Erdington’s history.

14. The Strange Case of Emilie Sagee

The Strange Case of Emilie Sagee
Emilie and her twin.

Image via: Cool Interesting Stuff

Emilie Sagee is one of history’s most famous documented doppelgänger cases ever. If you don’t know what a doppelgänger is, it’s basically a person that looks exactly like you but is not related to you. Celebrities have doppelgänger’s all the time, but Emilie Sagee is a fascinating case. Emilie was from Dijon, France and taught at several young girls schools and was said she was well liked, intelligent, and a great teacher. However, she couldn’t hold down a job because sources say she was dismissed from 18 schools due to the strange phenomenon that occurred whenever she was around. People report that she was in two places at once because her “ghost” was walking around the schools, making teachers and students beyond frightened. This doppelgänger showed up several times right next to Emilie and she mimicked her in every way possible to the Tee. Emilie, however, never saw the twin that everyone saw, but those who witnessed it were fascinated by how the movements were slowed unnaturally as she mimicked Emilie constantly. Not a single person could explain how this happened, but Emilie never saw her twin and there were other reports of the twin showing up right next to Emilie at the strangest of times.

15. The Mysterious Agatha Christie Disappearance

The Mysterious Agatha Christie Disappearance
A newspaper report about Agatha missing.

Image via: Independent CO

Agatha Christie was the queen of detective fiction’s Golden Age but the most bizarre and intriguing case was when she herself disappeared in 1926. She had left a note saying she was going on vacation, but her car was left behind, which triggered suspicion of where Agatha went. Her car was found not far from her with the hood up, the lights on, her fur coat inside, her old driver’s license, and a bag of clothes. Agatha was no where to be found. A massive manhunt went underway almost instantly with over 1,000 police officers and 15,000 volunteers. It was also said that a fleet of biplanes started to search from her from the skies, and this was the first time these planes were ever used for a missing person’s case. The police speculated murder, and by the end of the week of searching, no one came up with a solid conclusion for her disappearance. She was found 11 days later hiding out in the Swan Hydropathic Hotel in Harrogate, England. To this day, no one knows what her true intentions were: a publicity stunt, someone truly kidnapped her, she was trying to prove something to her cheating husband, or depression suicide. Nonetheless, this bizarre event was never mentioned again by her and she spoke very little of it, making the speculations run free.

16. Norway’s Greatest Mystery: The Isdal Woman

Norway's Greatest Mystery: The Isdal Woman
How the woman was found. 

Image via: BBC

In Norway’s Death Valley, a man discovered a charred naked woman at the end of a remote hiking trail. Around the body were a dozen sleeping pills, an open bottle of alcohol, two empty kerosene containers, and around the woman’s neck was a discolored bruise. After the police started this investigation, they connected her to two suitcases at a Bergen train station that were filled with neatly folded clothes with all of the tags removed and a legal pad that had cryptic messages on it. As the police looked closer at the bags, they found Germany currency sewed into the lining of the bags. When the cops obtained the autopsy report, they were in a deeper confusion than they already were. The woman’s finger prints had been sanded off, and her dental work showed that she had recently went to the dentist in South America. Her case went cold and it has become one of the greatest mysteries in Norway. It’s unknown if this woman committed suicide or if someone had murdered her, but it seems that we will never know.

17. The Sinister Mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer

The Sinister Mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer
One of the letters from the unknown writer. 

Image via: Historic Mysteries

During 1976, citizens in Circleville, Ohio slowly started to receive sinister handwritten letters. The writer of the letters apparently knew deep, personal secrets of all of the citizens living in this town, but they remained unknown because the envelopes were always stamped from Columbus- but no return address. One of the most dangerous letters a person received was Mary Gillispie, who was accused of having an affair with the superintendent of schools. Then, everyone in the town soon knew about the affair once Mary’s husband received a letter. The letters stopped for a short while in 1977, but a phone call on August 17th sent Mary’s husband, Ron, into a fit of rage. He grabbed a loaded gun, stormed out of his house and to his car, drove off, and was never seen again at home. His car was found wrapped around a tree with his body inside of it. His gun was fired, but it was unclear as to why it had been. His death was ruled as an accident induced by alcohol, but the mysterious writer did not like that ruling, apparently. Mary and her lover confirmed the affair but said it started after the letters were sent out the first time, but the letters continued throughout 1983 with some addressed to Mary’s daughter. There was so much speculation of who the writer was and there many suspects, but no one could confirm who actually was the writer behind the letters.

18. The Disappearance of Charley Ross

The Disappearance of Charley Ross
What Charley Ross looked like.

Image via: Pabook2

There’s most likely a good reason as to why your parents never told you to accept candy from a stranger. Maybe because it has to do with this story about Charley and his brother. Charley Ross vanished on July 1st, 1874 and was never seen again. In Germantown, Philadelphia, Charley and his brother Walter were playing outside in front of their mansion when two men approached the boys. These men had given candy to the boys before, but this time they said they had firecrackers to give the boys instead of candy. The boys followed the men to their buggy and the second the boys were in the buggy, it sped away from Germantown as quickly as possible. Charley started to cry and soon the men pulled over in front of a shop, gave Walter 25 cents, told him to buy firecrackers, and sped off as soon as he was out of the car. Charley was still inside. This kidnapping of Charley Ross was the first of its kind in United States history and unfortunately, Charley and his whereabouts were never discovered.

19. The Death Mask of L’Inconnue de la Seine

The Death Mask of L'Inconnue de la Seine
What this beautiful woman looked like. 

Image via: Wikipedia

If you lived in France during the turn of the 20th century, then the enchanting death mask of an enigmatic woman hung in your home- and that mask is named L’Inconnue de la Seine, or the unknown woman of Seine. Origins of this beautiful mask came from stories of a woman’s body being pulled from a river in the 1800’s and the cops who found her were enchanted by the beauty she still had after being dead in the river. No one knew who this young woman was, but the pathologist who was handling her body was in love with her features and he cast her face in wax plaster to immortalize her forever. To this day, no one knows who this woman is or where this woman came from, but her face was the inspiration to many writers, poets, and artists.

These unsolved cases are some of the bizarre mysteries that ever existed in history. No one knows where any of the people listed in this article are and their whereabouts will forever remain unknown. Next time you go out by yourself, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and you don’t travel too far. You never know what could happen to you.

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