With just under a fortnight until Valentines Day, the pressure is beginning to mount on people to think of a gift or token of their love for the important person in their lives. Or not.  

Whilst for some, this is a wonderful day, and an annual opportunity to celebrate their loving relationships, for many horror fans it is just another manufactured saccharine sweet holiday that they wish was Halloween instead. 

Luckily, this year, the less lovey dove amongst us can express our feelings for the object of our affections in an altogether gorier and more realistic way. Making Valentines that much more visceral. 

For those looking to give their heart to someone in a more literal sense, Edible Museums have produced a range of  realistic looking hearts made from chocolate, and when I say realistic, I mean very realistic. 

Why settle for a ‘heart’ shaped piece of pink paper nonsense, when, like something from an Edgar Allan Poe story, you can send what looks to be an actual life sized human heart to your loved one? 

So horrifically beautiful are Sarah Many, when  gifted with the bloody treats, choose not to eat them, but instead to preserve them in the glass dome they are presented in. 

If however, you prefer something a little more cerebral, then you are in luck, there are also replica human brains, also made from chocolate.In fact, the Edible museum has a wide range of stunning products, from replica fossils to mounted stag beetles, all ready to be munched.

And for those of you who still think this an artificial holiday manufactured by the greetings cards companies, you’ll be pleased to know that the chocolate hearts are, like Valentine’s itself, completely hollow.