Maybe, Sarah Winchester had her reason.

Maybe the spirits of the people who were killed by the guns her Father made really were haunting her. Or more likely is that she felt guilty after inheriting her Father’s fortune. Because essentially all the wealth was made through those ‘blood thirsty’ guns. Apparently an Ocultist convinced her that the spirits would hurt her if she didn’t continue to work on the house.

So that is how the famous Winchester Mystery House was built.

This story is also being turned into a movie which is not all that surprising.

The work on the house started when it was 1886 and continued on until her death in 1922.

And it is certainly grand with over 200 rooms.

Did we mention that it has 10,000 windows?

And let’s not forget all the trap doors and spy holes.

I’m guessing she wanted to trick the ghosts?

There are staircases that lead to nowhere.

There are windows and doors that lead to nowhere.

It is quite easy to get lost in the house.

There is even an underground cellar.

But the most surprising thing about this? She had a dog named Zip.