Home Lifestyle You Can Now Add These Iconic Horror Popsockets To Your Phone

You Can Now Add These Iconic Horror Popsockets To Your Phone

You Can Now Add These Iconic Horror Popsockets To Your Phone

Dropping and breaking phones is an ongoing problem that seems to be unavoidable, and potentially tens of thousands of people per year – if not more – are forced to pay to either repair their broken screen, fix a non-functioning device, or completely replace their mobile in general, but that can all change with these captivating Popsockets.

While they’re often generic and boring, these iconic Horror Popsockets have killed the rest of their competition and emerged as one of the only phone accessories that are a must-buy.

No matter your age or gender, if you have a mobile phone and are an avid movie watcher, then these Horror Popsockets are exactly what you need to keep your device safe while also representing your favorite fictional serial killer.

Credit – Sweetsassybling

The handmade 3D printed Popsockets – which is a phone grip – are remarkably durable and are designed to last.

Amazingly, they can also be used as a stand to rest your phone for when you’re watching videos.

The grips are collapsible and provide extra support which, in turn, makes your phone easier to use.

Whether you’re calling or texting a friend, taking one-handed selfies, or just scrolling through your social media timeline, having one of these Horror Popsockets for assistance makes everything that much more effortless.

Credit – Sweetsassybling

Thanks to Sweetsassybling on Etsy, you can look through their Horror Popsocket collection and get yourself one (or ten) for just $25 each.

Boasting a four and a half star rating from 107 reviews, buyers have had nothing but positive things to say about the phone grips.

“These Popsockets are adorable! Seller is wonderful! I plan on getting another one. Soon :)”

Which one is your favorite? Will you be heading over to buy yourself or somebody else an iconic Horror Popsocket? Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comments below.