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Officially Licensed ‘Friday the 13th’ Board Game Coming This Summer

Officially Licensed ‘Friday the 13th’ Board Game Coming This Summer

The way I see it is there are two possible options. Either this summer is going to be the best one of our generation as we triumph over COVID-19 and get to enjoy positive vibes with our best people, or, lockdown is still well and truly underway, leaving us all stuck at home during the holidays.

Regardless of the outcome, some news has dropped guaranteeing us that this summer will be full of intense gaming and competitiveness.

According to The Op Games, a Friday the 13th board game titled Horror at Camp Crystal Lake will hit shelves in the summer.

Up to 6 players will have to use strategy and minimal supplies in order to stay alive. Players can steal supplies from friends, keep what you find to yourself or do everything in your power to save everyone and wait out the night, but beware, the odds of returning back to camp in one piece become slimmer with every passing turn.

Do you have what it takes to escape Jason Voorhees or will you be yet another victim of the masked murderer? Try to make it out alive through five nights of suspense-filled torture.

The game includes 88 Blood Spatter Tokens, 67 Supply Tokens, 64 Fear Cards, 10 Critical Supply Cards, 6 Player Boards, 6 Backpack Cards, 6 Escape Tokens, 6 Player Tokens, 1 Cabin Board, 1 Night Tracker, 1 Camp Bag, and 1 Rulebook.

When summer arrives, fans of the franchise will have to pay just $29.99 to get their very own Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake board game, and you can do so HERE!

If you prefer a more hands-on adventure, fans now can spend the night at the real Camp Crystal Lake and spend time doing activities found nowhere else in the world. You will have to wait until this global pandemic is over, of course, but if you’re interested, go and find out more details on the event HERE!