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Abandoned Asylum For Sale In The States

Abandoned Asylum For Sale In The States

When you think of asylums, you think of dark cold corridors, blood-stained walls, and an incredibly terrifying backstory (or maybe I watch too many movies), and the same applies to this abandoned Indiana asylum that has recently been put up for sale.

Although that may not be the case, we are certain that there are countless creepy stories to be told regarding this institution that’ll keep you up at night.

Whether you’re a fan of exploring potentially haunted places, are a certified adrenaline junkie, or just like abandoned old buildings, this Bloomingdale, Indiana asylum may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Credit – Zillow via Wolfe, Eric Prime Real Estate Group

According to asylum projects, the institution was officially closed by the state in 2010 due to the owner’s unwillingness to pay taxes. Prior to its shutdown, it operated as the Parke County Poor Asylum, which was first built almost 200 years ago back in 1830.

Surprisingly, the building is being sold exactly how it stands for just $200,000. The construction sits on a massive 6.2 acres, and despite its obvious large size, the number of rooms has surprisingly not been listed.

If you are interested in purchasing the asylum or want to schedule a tour of the property, you can contact Eric Wolfe, Prime Real Estate Group.

The building is a close drive away from town and quite close to a local golf course. The main building is in full need of renovation and restoration, while the attachment behind the main facility is a cell house and has many potential uses. On the property, there’s a pole barn for increased storage.

Credit – Zillow via Wolfe, Eric Prime Real Estate Group

Indiana seems to be a real stomping ground for creepy, old and potentially haunted buildings as the state is home to a 146-year-old mansion that’s known to be haunted.