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Give Yourself a Blood Bath with Friday the 13th Bath Bombs

Give Yourself a Blood Bath with Friday the 13th Bath Bombs

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take a bath in Friday the 13th’s Camp Crystal Lake, then look no further — say hello to the Friday the 13th bath bomb!


Horror fans and bath bomb fans alike should check out this new product by Etsy user The Fizzing Witch, which is a beautiful recreation of Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask from the Friday the 13th horror movie franchise. The bath bomb comes in two variations — one with and one without blood splatters on it.

Comes with or without blood stains.

The bath bomb also comes in a variety of scents including Autumn Woods, Crackling Firewood, Dark Musk, Lavender, and much more!


And if you were wondering, yes, the bath bomb will indeed make your bath turn blood red. So if you’ve ever fantasized about literally taking a blood bath, then it looks like today’s your lucky day!

Fear not, it has been reported that the blood will not stain your bath tub.

The Friday the 13th Bath Bomb is just $6, not including shipping. If you do end up grabbing this bath bomb, let us know how you end up liking it down in the comments.

We don’t usually see horror-related beauty products, so it’s always a ton of fun for us when we come across them. For other products, the same Etsy user has also released bath bombs for Ghost Face from the Scream franchise, as well as a Jack Torrence “here’s Johnny!” bomb from The Shining. Additionally, if you’re looking for more spooky bathroom productions, then you can check out some awesome ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ inspired bath bombs by makers The Mad Bombers.


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