One of the teasers for the upcoming season. 

One of the teasers for the upcoming season

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The countdown continues as we are now only a month away from the new season of American Horror Story. So far, all we know is that this season is going to be about a cult- and the teasers for it are beyond creepy and scary. With having fans become part of the cult and showing a teaser almost every week, promotion for the new season has fans screaming with excitement. New information about this season shows that season 7 of this horror filled show is going to have a general focus on the 2016 election and that the cult is going to have clowns and bees.

Are you ready to join the cult?

Are you ready to join the cult

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Another teaser for this season.

Another teaser for this season

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With speculations flying around about who is going to be apart of the cast for this season, the official cast has finally been confirmed. Emma Roberts, for starters, is going to be returning to the show as she announced recently that she joined the cult. Evan Peters is returning as well, since he is in fact the main AHS actor, and he is going to be playing Kai. Sarah Paulson is returning to the set of AHS and her character, Ally, is supposedly going to be romantically involved with Evan Peters’ character, Kai. Another alum of AHS is going to be returning and has been announced by Murphy- Frances Conroy is returning to the set and is excited to be apart of the cult.  Mare Winningham, who did appear in last season but appeared in Coven, Freakshow, and Hotel is going to be coming back for a fourth round of American Horror Story. The person who stole the show during last season, Adina Porter, is coming back and is ready to steal the show again with her outstanding acting. Cheyenne Jackson, who appeared in Hotel and Roanoke, is going to be part of this star-studded cast as well. Chaz Bono, who played a hillbilly in Season 6, is going to be returning to the show as well, making fans even more excited.

The clown cult members.

The clown cult members

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Are you ready to be apart of this?

Are you ready to be apart of this

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Even though the alums of AHS are returning to set and are going to steal the show, season 7 of this iconic show is welcoming a new set of cast members to steal the fans hearts. Billie Lourd has been introduced by Murphy that she will be in season 7 and has teased the fans by saying that he cannot wait for them to see what Billie does throughout the season. Colton Haynes has also been brought on to set and fans are going crazy over this amazing announcement and he will be joined by Leslie Grossman and Billy Eichner. Lena Dunham is also going to be appearing in this season as well as Alison Pill. No one knows what type of roles (good, bad, or part of the cult) the newbies are going to be playing, so be sure to watch American Horror Story: Cult, which is premiering September 5th, 2017 at 10:00 p.m. on FX. Are you ready to join the cult?

They want YOU to join them.

They want YOU to join them

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Colton Hayne’s character announced.

Colton Hayne's character announced

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Cheyenne Jackson’s character.

Cheyenne Jackson's character

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Alison Pill’s character.

Alison Pill's character

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Who Billy Eichner is playing.

Who Billy Eichner is playing

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The character Billie Lourd is going to be portraying.

The character Billie Lourd is going to be portraying

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