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10+ Beautiful Abandoned Places Around World To Creep You

The world is filled with many beautiful sights. Some are natural to the environment that they reside in. Others are man-made testaments to beauty and skill.

Unfortunately, for some of these structures, mankind left them in pursuit of bigger and better prospects. Sometimes through death, safety, and even urban legends are to blame for their abandonment.  Here are twenty of the most beautiful mansions in the world, lost to time.

Texas Baker Hotel - Abandoned Places

Source: binomial/flickr

The Abandoned is Seldom The Beautiful

Before you begin, note that most of the abandoned places are left at the mercy of nature and some emerge as a beautiful abode if they have it in their fate. It is not crucial for every abandoned place to come out as a lovely one. The places listed below are only one of the few places that transformed into something attractive after being abandoned. Rest remain in the ashes, or were rebuilt and became functional.

Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel, located in Mineral Wells, Texas, was so called due to the rejuvenating mineral waters located in town. Opened in 1929, the Hotel thrived until 1967 when it’s founder, Theodore Baker died in the suite that bared his name. The hotel closed for good within five years.

Location: Miner Wells, Texas

Methodist Church - Abandoned Places

Source: Slworking2/flickr

Sanctuary. Abandoned City Methodist Church

Founded in 1925, The City Methodist Church at the cost of a million dollars, almost have of which was donated by U.S. Steel. The building was so huge, the congregation consisted of nearly 3,000 people. It featured a basketball gymnasium and had storefronts built in to take away a bit of the sting of the cost to build.

The abandoned building also went up against racism in the form of the Ku Klux Klan when Pastor William Seaman welcomed African American Parishioners at a time when segregation was popular. The Church fell to the Great Gary Arson of 1997. It is now owned by the city with no plans to rebuild at this time.

Location: Gary, Indiana.

Chateau Miranda - Abandoned Places

Source: Photo by Benjamin Wiessner

Chateau Miranda

In 1866, Edward Milner was commissioned by the Liedekerke-Beaufort family to build the castle. It has since become to be called the Chateau de Noisy (The Noisy Castle. Milner came out of the Victorian garden movement and became the principle of London’s Crystal Palace School for Gardening. The kitchen was once used to serve feasts to guests but is now riddled with decay.

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Location: Belgium

Belgium Kasteel van Mesen - Abandoned Places

Source: Niek Beck/flickr

Kasteel van Mesen

Built in 1625, this abandoned building has served as a gin distillery, castle, tobacco factory and after WWI, it became a boarding school for girls. After education was banned in Flemish areas, the site was abandoned in 1971. The once mighty behemoth saw its last days when it was torn down in 2010

Location: Lede, Belgium

Chateau de la Foret - Abandoned Places

Source: Photo by Maikal Goossens

Chateau de la Foret

Originally built in 1502, much of that building was replaced by the new owners in 1860. Abandoned since the 1990’s, the mansion has been preserved by time ever since. no work has been done sine the owner passed away and the current owners are unsure of who will eventually live in the Neo-Tudor style house.

The mansion is filled with secret rooms, chandeliers, and moth eaten tapestries. Given the length of time that has passed since it’s last occupant, the mansion remains in fairly pristine condition.

Location: Moulbaix, Hainaut, western Belgium

New York Halcyon Hall - Abandoned Places

Source: Joseph A/flickr

Halcyon Hall, Bennett College, Millbrook, New York

Halcyon Hall enjoyed a posh status as a luxury hotel in the 1890’s. Unfortunately not for very long as it closed its doors in 1901. It did, however, enjoy a second chance as a posh boarding school for girls up until 1978. The now abandoned school’s upper-class families could not compete with the coeducational system.

Location: Millbrook, New York

New York Room Mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: Bryan Sansivero/flickr

57-Room Mansion

Built in the late 1930’s, this 57-room mansion was abandoned by a landlord who supposedly bought lavish mansions with the sole purpose of watching them rot. Freaky paraphernalia inhabits the now decrepit old house such as a vast shoe collection, eerie dolls, and a child’s stroller. The building rests on 6 acres of land and contains a bowling alley, library, a tennis court (pictured) and two bars.

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Location: New York

Wales The Baron Hill Mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: Kris Williams/flickr

The Baron Hill Mansion

The Bulkeley family had a terraced garden attached to their mansion, which remained untouched until they had an architect by the name of Samuel Wyatt remodel in 1776. The now abandoned mansion stayed relatively unchanged for two centuries when the family left it and turned it into a glorified storage shed in the 1920s. A fire destroyed a fair portion of the interior causing this mansion to become abandoned.

Location: Beaumaris, Wales.

Germany 18th-century Mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: Jan bommes/flickr

An 18th-century Mansion

During the 1700s, the owner of this currently abandoned mansion constructed an ode to Dutch Baroque castles. A fire destroyed nearly the entire structure, however, the family had it rebuilt and it was used as an architectural school. The current owner has bricked up many of the windows and it remains empty.

Location: East Germany

Maryland stuccoed brick mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: jack Says Relax:flickr

Selma, a stuccoed brick mansion

Elijah Brokenborough White built this two and a half story house in 1902. He bred horses there and then eventually willed it to his daughter. The abandoned house has changed hands many times over the years with no one actually living in it. The house has fallen into disrepair but a petition to list it as a historical building is currently making the rounds.

Location: Maryland.

13th-century Locket Castle - Abandoned Places

Source: Jim Linwood/flickr

13th-century Locket Castle

Charles the IV often stayed at this abandoned castle. His son had it rebuilt but the castle has switched owners over the years. It had fallen to neglect until it was turned into a jailhouse. it was closed but now publicly welcomes visitors.

Location: Czech Republic

Britain Harewood Castle - Abandoned Places

Source: Tom Blackwell/flickr

Harewood Castle

Sir William De Aldeburgh founded this castle in 1366. “This photograph was taken through a broken section of a wall adjoining one of the stairways,” wrote Tom Blackwell, the photographer, on Flickr. “It depicts the castle’s former centerpiece, a great hall where many feasts and gatherings would have taken place. Today it lies in brooding silence…”

Location: Great Britain

Belgium Round Mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: Andre Govia:hotspot media

Round Mansion

Despite not being inhabited for years, this abandoned mansion’s rooms are all neat and tidy as if they had never been left alone.

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Location: West Belgium

Smith Mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: via Huffington Post

Smith Mansion

To drive by the Smith Mansion is to look at possibly the work of a raving lunatic. The structure itself looks like someone nailed a bunch of 2X4’s together with no plan whatsoever. Built by Lee Smith, the structure stands 75 feet tall and has no running water and a bit of electricity. Unfortunately, a windy day cause Lee to take a 12 foot drop to his death and the project has been abandoned ever since.

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Location: Yellowstone National Park.

Italy Castello di Sammezzano - Abandoned Places

Source: Martino Zegwaard/flickr

Castello di Sammezzano

This abandoned castle was built in 1605 in Tuscany but for the last 20 years, it has been left dormant. unprotected from vandals and the elements, the Castello di Sammezzano was built with 365 rooms, one for every day of the year. Built by Ximenes of Aragon over 400 years ago, it wasn’t until the 19th century that it would take on its Arabian, dreamlike signature look. After the Germans looted the castle during WWII, it became a hotel until 1990.

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Location: Northern Italy

Georgia Briarcliff Mansion - Abandoned Places

Source: Photo by Jeff Hagerman

Briarcliff Mansion

In 1922, this abandoned mansion was constructed for the son of the founder of Coca-Cola, Asa Griggs Candler, Jr. In the 1950s it was also used as an alcoholic treatment center. There are currently plans to turn the abandoned mansion into a 54 room boutique hotel.

See more pictures here

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Scotland Cambusnethan House - Abandoned Places

Source: Paradasos/flickr

The Cambusnethan House

Built in 1820 to the Lockhart family of Castlehill, this abandoned mansion heavily featured the family crest all over the house. The crest reportedly tells the story of the Lockhart ancestors who brought back the heart of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots back from the Holy Land. Many of this mansion’s style of houses were demolished in the 1950s and this one’s usage stopped in the 1980s due to safety concerns because of its age.

Location: North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Taiwan The Jukuiju - Abandoned Places

Source: Alexander Synaptic/flickr

The Jukuiju

This abandoned mansion was built in 1920, however its owners are the subject of debate. Some say that it was a famous poet, Chen Ruoshi while others argue that it was a wealthy businessman, Chen Shaozong. A man named Liu bought the mansion after Shaozong’s death. It is believed to be owned by Liu’s heirs. Regardless of ownership, the mansion possesses a beautiful Taiwanese/Japanese architectural hybrid.

Location: Taiwan

Italy Villa de Vecchi - Abandoned Places

Source: jjkdc/flickr

Villa de Vecchi

There is a sad tale that goes along with this abandoned mansion from the 1800s. Felix de Vecchi returned to Italy after traveling the world and serving as a soldier. He commissioned architect, Alessandro Sidoli to design the perfect home. A year before completion, Sidoli passed away, unable to see his grand work. A year later, de Vecchi came home to find his wife slain and daughter kidnapped. After a valiant search, de Vecchi committed suicide, unable to deal with his great loss.

Location: Italy

Taiwan Liu Family Mansion - Abandoned Places


The Liu Family Mansion 

This abandoned mansion was built in 1929 to a businessman and his family. Commonly referred to as the Minxiong Ghost House, there are varying stories as to how it got its nickname. One involves the story of a maid who fell in love with the businessman and committed suicide due to her grief. Another simply says that it is haunted by members of the Imperial Army who were killed on the property. The family abandoned the mansion in the 40s.

Location: Taiwan

Notice how the reason behind the beauty of these abandoned places is usually nature or some aesthetically minded architect who couldn’t think of his design to ever collapse. This is a very rare phenomenon and does not happen without an exceptionally enduring design of the place. These places serve as a major spot for tourists to venture and retain a wonderful aesthetic atmosphere. Some of such places might seem to be creepy like the Castello di Sammezzano in Tuscany. But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; people who have the passion just love creepy places and can really perceive the beauty of a broken and eerie habitat.

The photographs given for each place just give a glimpse of what that place might guise as. Look up for more pictures to have a good idea of the beauty of each place, they all have wonders inside them that will make you inquisitive about the extraordinary aura and will lure you into the desire to experience the place in real life. Some of these places are picture-perfect for adventure lovers such as The Jukuiju, Taiwan which gives off a strong natural essence with all the forestry and the contiguous mountains.