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3 Creepypasta Stories You Need to Read

3 Creepypasta Stories You Need to Read
You Can't Go Wrong

Better Films


Written by Alice Thompson


When it comes to the Lost Media genre of online horror there is certainly on shortage in content. From missing episodes to suicidal characters, the idea of mysterious media is always fresh on the minds of thrill seekers of the literary arts.

However with such over saturation comes a lowered bar of quality and an army of clones. So when I stumbled across Better Films I was a bit skeptical going in; but incredibly grateful that I stayed for the ride.


Better Films is an example of taking a style that is already designed to go beyond the surface of the story, (such as lost episodes that go beyond the smiling, familiar faces of known characters) and going down a few layers deeper.

Better Films is told from the perspective of a beleaguered sister who works to assist her film obsessed brother in his compulsive research into the history of obscure movies and directors. The story sets the tone of a verbally and psychologically abusive relationship – the brother’s eccentric nature demonstrates a demanding and narcissistic style while his sister attempts to remain loyal both as family and professional assistant.

Their journey takes them from through the process of investigating the shadowy firm known as Better Films – a production company that is legendary for their gruesome movies that skirt the lines of legality. Rumors abound that Better Films dates back over a century and that their methods have always brought on whispers of fear and conspiracy. The obsessed brother simply must learn more. As this story crescendos towards climax the siblings will indeed find out what lurks beyond the unseen corners of these film makers – but what they find might leave them both altered forever.


Better Films accomplishes what very few Lost Media stories or recent set out to do. The story is incredibly original and rests will among a sea of pretenders. The character development is executed to perfection.

The reader feels the appropriate emotions towards the characters, whether it be pity, disgust, support or otherwise. Enough of this story is kept shrouded in mystery that the reader will be pining for a sequel, but all the relevant questions are answered to make the solo ride worthwhile. And while there is gore throughout, this is one of those examples of gore being executed for purpose rather than effect, enhancing this story and creating a real, visceral experience that deserves far more exposure.

My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook

Written by Deathknight3000


The first time I heard this story was on a YouTube Horror Narration channel. I was driving home from work one night and decided that I was a bit hungry. The ride from my downtown office structure to my apartment is about 10 minutes, but add in the stop at a drive-thru and I’d have just enough time to listen to a creepy story.

So I open up YouTube and find this story. I plug in the auxiliary cable and hit play. I managed to get my food and get home while there was still about 6 minutes remaining on the video. I sat in my parking lot and finished the rest of the story. That’s how good it was. So good that I ignored my hunger and exhaustion after a long day at work to finish up the tale.

My Dead Girlfriend is a strange one to try and categorize. It is told through from the perspective of a young man, Nathan, mourning the recent loss of his girlfriend Emily. He tells a bit of their relationship, their hobbies, inside jokes and future ambitions. On the surface it paints a picture of a happy, idealistic young couple. After Emily’s death Nathan keeps her Facebook page active. Occasionally friends or family will comment on it as a form of cathartic therapy. All is well until the night that Emily messages Nathan.


How can Emily message anyone? She’s dead. It’s in the title of the story. Thinking at first that this is simply a cruel joke Nathan begins to dig deeper into the situation. As days go by the behavior intensifies and Nathan can no longer be sure that this is a prank. Each time Nathan believes he’s figured out what is going on, something new and unexplainable happens, bringing the slowly unveiling horrors a little closer to the other side of the screen each and every time.

This story does a masterful job of creating true horror in an everyday – applicable method. We all use social media and we all receive messages from unknown sources on a daily basis. We as a society are somewhat accustomed to approaching messages from strangers with a grain of salt and speculation, but what happens when those unsettling messages come from a source we love, we miss… we mourn.

Can we simply block this source of grim torment? It’s got to be a prank, right? But what if it isn’t? There is no right choice for Nathan. But as a reader this story is a right choice for you. Just make sure you log out of Facebook before you read it.


My Cat

Written by Corrine Kennedy


Sometimes bitter-sweet is just fine. In a world where we take our ghosts as menacing creatures roaming the dark hallways of abandoned mansions or peeking out from behind half-open doors of dusty cellars – it can be nice to see them viewed from a different perspective entirely. Such as the example in my 3rd recommendation – My Cat.

It is a rather short tale but it delivers every inch of emotion that it set out to do. It left me with a pit of slow burning melancholy in my stomach for a day or two after reading it, but as I stated above – sometimes that’s just fine.


My Cat tells the story from the perspective of a young child who mourns the loss of her pet cat. Trying her best to come to terms with the sensations of loss, guilt and grief – her inner monologue is interrupted by a sudden midnight visitor.

While there is not much in the realm of horror to be mined from this encounter, it does answer a very important quandary that is unique to the human soul. What would we do with a little more time? What would we feel if something we loved deeply and lost permanently could come back for just one more night?

This story succeeds in its simplicity. It demands little from the reader but supplies major emotions that easily relate to any who have ever experienced the simple yet emotionally devastating loss of a pet.


This is a story that can be read with the lights on or off, but is best taken while in the company of a beloved pet. Hug them a bit tighter afterwards and be sure to savor the moments you have with them. For outside of the realm of fiction it is unlikely we will ever be gifted one last farewell.