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Creepy Garden Decorations That Might Haunt Your Dreams

Creepy Garden Decorations That Might Haunt Your Dreams
Image via: Hanna Pilve/Instagram

Creepy garden decorations tend to be difficult to find, especially if you’re looking for something unique. However, getting some haunting visuals for your garden doesn’t have to be complicated. While it might take some time to root around the countless knockoffs and low-quality products, there are a few that could haunt your dreams or those of your neighbor.


While many might want anything that’s as scary as possible, there are a few of us who might want to take inspiration from horror films. This is where Hanna Pilve comes in, with the Finland-based sculptor taking inspiration from The Ring to populate her garden.

The result? Some creepy garden decorations that look like the iconic horror film met The Lord of the Rings.


Hanna Pilve’s Creepy Garden Decorations

Based in the town of Rovaniemi, the artist recently took to Instagram to highlight some of her work. The visuals, even in the day time, are more than enough to make someone think twice before entering. As you can tell from the post above, Ms. Pilve spent quite a significant amount of time and effort ensuring that her garden looked as creepy as possible.

Naturally, the statues would be the perfect decorations for Halloween, although intruders would probably think again before taking a walk through the garden. However, having a hooded figure climbing out of a well – taking inspiration from The Ring – isn’t the only statue that Hanna Pilve has made.


Instead, she’s featured them in boats and other areas, helping to ramp up the creepy feel of the property. While these could be haunting enough during the day, they’re even scarier during the night. The main reason for this is that Ms. Pilve added lanterns to each statue, which takes the horror-esque qualities up a notch.


However, Hanna Pilve doesn’t focus solely on sculptures. Instead, she has created a range of other art pieces, some of which have served as inspiration for the statues. This art can help to highlight the core inspiration for the overall work.

For example, many of the pieces seem to derive from Greek mythology. More precisely, it highlights Charon and the River Styx. Anyone familiar with their myths would know that Charon ferries the souls of the damned down the Styx on their final journal to the afterlife.

While the statues definitely feel The Ring-esque, the background helps to make it that much more unsettling. When it comes to creepy garden decorations, there are relatively few things that could compare.