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The Deep Web and It’s Contents

The Deep Web and It’s Contents

With a wide array of topics ranging from cat pictures to red rooms, one could say that the deep web is nothing close to ordinary. Ran by the TOR browser, the darknet is the home of illegal stores, or the black market. Nothing on this part of the internet can be bought without a bitcoin, the dark webs form of currency. Many people have heard of bitcoin, as most online e-commerce sites accept them as a form of payment. Only one bitcoin is equivalent to 2,948.69 US dollars (as of June 11, 2017). The following list demonstrates the variety of sites that the deep web has to offer.

Understand The Deep Web – Goosebumps Ahead

1. The Hidden Wiki

Founded in mid-late 2011, the Hidden Wiki is a website that provides various links with different categories (EX- forums, sales markets, financial services, and darknet social networking sites). This .onion link is the most visited among all other links on the deep web.

Source: google

2. Anonymous Chat Sites

Dating back many years, Anonymous Chat Sites (similarly resembling Omegle) are sites that connect two strangers to a private room to talk to one another. Though many visitors of these sites may be curious teens and preteens, one should be careful when clicking on an unlabeled link sent to them.

Source: google

3. Hidden Services

Hitmen, passports, counterfeit money, and fake citizenship has been around way longer than even the internet. These Hidden Services were exponentially brought to date since the darknet surfaced. Only one in every one hundred (+) sites that claim they provide these services are actually the real deal.

Source: google

4. The Silk Road

There are many buy/sell websites on the deep web containing illegal weapons and drugs; the Silk Road is the most famous black market out there. (Online) users are able to buy items anonymously without product trafficking. In the past, seller accounts had to be purchased from an online auction; more recently, seller accounts are now charged a fee so there is no limit as to how many accounts may be made.

Source: google

5. Gore Sites / Red Rooms

The blood and gore sites of the deep web are worse than the limited amount offered on the clear net. The extremities of gore on certain .onion links can range from Crush Porn all the way to Red Rooms. Crush porn contains videos or images of women, primarily in high heels, stomping on helpless small animals until death. Red Rooms are sites where a twisted individual can pay currency for the opportunity to tell the admins a specific way to murder a kidnapped victim.

Source: google

6. Erotica (No Picture Provided)

The darknet doesn’t only offer the average porn sites people use on a daily basis. The erotica featured here is a necrophiliac and pedophile’s wet dream. At some point in time, there was a .onion link that directed to dog genitalia.