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Do Some Goth Gardening with Black Magic Petunias

Do Some Goth Gardening with Black Magic Petunias

If you’re a fan of both gardening and all things dark and mysterious, then Black Magic petunias are exactly what you’re going to want in your garden. Generally bright in color, petunias are a common garden selection because of their electric pink, soft lavender, pure white, and deep violet hues. A dark and brooding sister, Black Magic petunias are a rich and velvety alternative to the normally vibrant flower.

Black Magic petunias (also known as Black Velvet petunias) are considered to be not only a rare breed of petunia, but a fairly recent one too. Developed in the late 2000s, it was an instantaneous hit amongst the gardening circle. During its debut at the 2010 Greenhouse Grower’s Association Evening of Excellence, it walked away with the Industry’s Choice and the Reader’s Choice awards.

The unique and eye-catching black hue was the result of selective breeding among petunias. Techniques like cross-pollination made it possible for flower breeders to achieve the saturated, inky color. Interestingly, if the Black Magic petunia is cross-bred with other brightly colored petunias, strikingly beautiful combinations can be achieved; like the Petunia Phantom (with yellow) or the Petunia Pinstripe (with pink/purple).

A beautiful addition to any garden, it’s also a fantastic option for those who aren’t a fan of bright or pastel-colored flowers. Alternatively, it makes a striking member of a garden that is already full of loud and vivid colors. Because of how creative cross-breeding is among nurseries and flower breeders, there is now a large variety of color combinations containing the gene of the Black Magic petunia. The aesthetic possibilities are endless.

Black Magic petunias are a beautiful and unique plant that will stand out no matter where it’s planted. For any gardener who has experience with generic petunias, the Black Magic petunias are no different to care for. Although their hue may be extravagant, their care is not. Petunias are known for blooming consistently for the duration of the summer, so you can have a gorgeous goth garden for the entire season.