Home Lifestyle ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Star Tom Savini Releases Line Of Voorhees Masks

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Star Tom Savini Releases Line Of Voorhees Masks

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Star Tom Savini Releases Line Of Voorhees Masks

It seems that the face of fashion is rapidly changing, quite literally in fact as numerous companies are making quick pivots into creating fashionable PPE masks as others endeavor to add branding wherever possible. Tom Savini of From Dusk Till Dawn fame has joined in on this latest pandemic fashion craze and has partnered with Hollywood makeup and visual effects specialist Jason Baker to create some handmade limited edition Jason Voorhees protective masks!

Whereas we cannot guarantee the efficacy of the masks in protecting you from the virus, we can certainly say that they look amazing!

The duo are certainly not new to creating dazzling practical effects, as alongside his acting credits, Savini has been responsible for the special makeup effects for films such as Friday the 13th and Day Of The Dead. Baker has worked on multiple Hollywood hits such as The Dark Knight Rises and Jack Reacher.

The hockey mask design is currently on sale for $60 but you can make a special request for Savini’s signature to be added for an additional $40.

According to Baker’s Twitter, they are making sure to take “extra precautions” when assembling the masks and getting them shipped out and that for health reasons they are running on a “skeleton crew”. Baker adds that they are getting the masks delivered as fast as possible but due to the current circumstances and the fact that they are all handmade it made be some time before they are sent out.

Fans who have already received their masks couldn’t be happier with the finished product, with one saying that he has “finally figured out how to keep people six feet away from me”.

There is currently no online store for these masks but if you want to get a hold of one for yourself you can DM Jason Baker on Twitter and ask for more details.