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Stonehenge Is Livestreaming Its Summer Solstice Celebration This Year

Stonehenge Is Livestreaming Its Summer Solstice Celebration This Year

Stonehenge remains one of the most ancient and magical sites currently residing on planet Earth, and it is home to one of the world’s most famous summer solstice celebrations which manages to attract thousands of people around the globe each year as they come together to watch the sunrise in the distance behind the Heel stone.

While thousands of others were excited to be attending the beautifully unique celebration later this year, current situations have, of course, canceled the event and the English Heritage organization, the company managing the Stonehenge, have urged visitors to stay at home this time around, but do not threat, there’s a way everybody will still get to witness the beauty.

The alternative given to fans of the event will be a live stream that is intended to keep everybody safe while also showing people the wonderful summer solstice celebration.

This way, more people than ever will have a chance to see the minor wonders planet Earth has to offer, and if the celebration resumes as normal next year, a whole bunch of new visitors could join the thousands of regulars who attend each year.

This year’s live stream event will air on the morning of Sunday, June 21 (local time), on English Heritage’s official Facebook page.

Check out what you can expect from the once in a lifetime event in this 1-minute clip below.

If you’re interested in attending the live stream, you, along with 500,000 people who like English Heritage’s Facebook page, have a chance to do so by visiting HERE!

Nichola Tasker, the director of Stonehenge, shared her thoughts about the cancellation of one of Britain’s most treasured events but remained optimistic about the live stream that could potentially get hundreds of new visitors near and far to connect with the spiritual place that is Stonehenge.

Will you be in attendance when the live stream is shared on June 21? Let us know in the comments.