Home Halloween ‘The Haunted Road’, A New Drive-Thru Halloween Attraction Coming Soon

‘The Haunted Road’, A New Drive-Thru Halloween Attraction Coming Soon

‘The Haunted Road’, A New Drive-Thru Halloween Attraction Coming Soon

While outside entertainment is hard to come by during these trying times, everybody is desperate to find something enjoyable – aside from constant television – in order to keep their sanity.

Now, thanks to a group of entertainment experts based in Orlando, we may be getting a new, completely safe, and terrifyingly fun activity to do with the whole family, while also maintaining social distancing protocols.

On its way to Central Florida is a new, entirely contactless, Halloween experience known as The Haunted Road.

Credit – The Haunted Road

An event filled with frightening creatures ready to pounce at any given moment, completely unexpected scares and a horrifying combination of theatrical storytelling is awaiting you when it debuts later this year.

The event is available at night with bloodcurdling beings and dark storytelling, or, if you prefer, you can attend the family-friendly version which kids are able to enjoy during the daytime.

An original story-line will be implemented showcasing familiar and iconic faces as you’ve never seen them before.

Dates and further details will be announced soon, but if you’re already excited about The Haunted Road, $15 per person is enough to gain entry to the event.

Credit – The Haunted Road

Amazingly, The Haunted Road will not only provide thrills and chills to Orlando, but it’ll also be bringing jobs to those who are interested.

The company behind the Halloween event will cast local performers by way of virtual auditions – via Zoom – which will take place on August 13, 14, 15, and 16. Visit HERE for additional details.

The Haunted Road will be launching a Kickstarter campaign where supporters can choose numerous rewards, from access to a virtual version for out-of-town donors, securing an admission ticket in advance, and much more.

Are you going to book yourself in for the thrill of a lifetime? Let us know how you feel about the upcoming Halloween event in the comments below.