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Escape Your Demons With ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Dream Catchers

Escape Your Demons With ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Dream Catchers

Everybody experiences nightmares, and no matter how hard you try, it’s near impossible to protect yourself from the terrifying demons hunting you while you sleep.

One thing that is sure to keep the nightmares away is these beautifully vibrant and hauntingly wonderful Jack Skellington and Sally dream catchers.

The Nightmare Before Christmas pair is an astonishing addition to your bedroom furniture, even if you’re not experiencing nightmares.

But, if you are, these dream catchers are just what you need to keep the monsters from invading your dreams.

Credit – GrandpaO

They are excellently detailed as seen above, and if you become bored or tired of the design, they are reversible, giving you two stand-out Jack Skellington and Sally designs.

Credit – GrandpaO

Without the lace attached to them, the dream catchers measure at around 24-inches long and are a perfect representation of the two iconic animated figures.

If you order one of these dream catchers, you can completely customize the colors, shapes, and materials used in order for it to be entirely personal to you.

The distributor – GrandpaO on Etsy – has already offloaded over 2,000 dream catchers to happy customers who have gratefully reviewed the product which boasts a perfect 5-star rating.

The product is intended to follow you throughout life and stay by your side to protect you in your most vulnerable moments.

Those who are interested can click on the GrandpaO link above and purchase their own for just $85.

Credit – GrandpaO

Jack Skellington and Sally both rose to fame when Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas debuted back in 1993.

From that moment on, the King of Halloween Town has been one of the most memorable Halloween, Christmas, and Disney related characters to ever bless our television screens.

Will you be getting yourself a Nightmare Before Christmas dream catcher to protect you from your demons and nightmares? Be sure to comment and share your thoughts with us below.