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Fan Theories That Prove How The Seasons Of American Horror Stories Are Connected

Fan Theories That Prove How The Seasons Of American Horror Stories Are Connected

Although the famous American Horror Story comes out with a brand-new theme every season, fans still love to connect the dots of every episode with the other. From the reappearances of their favorite characters like Dr. Arthur Arden (James Cromwell) and Billie Dean Howard (Sarah Paulson) to the teasing clues e.g. certain brand of instant coffee, people just love to get watch the connections flowing during the suspense.


To answer everyone’s curiosity of AHS’s seasons being connected from one another, even the show creator Ryan Murphy himself said in an interview to Entertainment Weekly:

“They’re all connected… They’re all very separate but there’s clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined.”


Together we are listing down the ever-increasing claims of connections, theories, hints and callbacks by AHS fans on their favorite show. Even if you think that the seasons of AHS have a relation somewhere despite of being opposite in the plots then these ones are definitely for you.

#1 A Different Level of Hell

A Different Level of Hell
Photo: FX

Among all the theories, this one has been the most imaginative and comprehensive which puts forward the point that every season has a different Hell which is pretty much familiar to Dante’s Inferno.

This is just updated from the original theory which was originated by Jacqueline Bircher in 2014. It maps in the following way:


Murder House: Limbo

Asylum: Fraud

Coven: Treachery


Freak Show: Greed

Hotel: Gluttony

Roanoke: Wrath


Cult: Heresy

From this it can be guessed that there are only two seasons left: Lust and Violence.

There are numerous more pieces of information that back this hypothesis up scattered all through every one of the seven seasons, as well. Considerably additionally convincing, Ryan Murphy himself bashfully referenced this theory in an Instagram post.


Obviously, with any fan hypothesis this far reaching, expect some backfire: Reddit is loaded with posts exposing the Dante hypothesis, as well.

#2 Connection of Everything In Episode 6

Connection of Everything In Episode 6
Photo: FX

Right on time in Season 6, Roanoke, Redditor apple_martini prepared the insane, virtuoso hypothesis that every Roanoke scene is associated with the 6th scene of each previous season.

He backed it by giving an example of season 6, episode 3:


Roanoke’s third outing brought back Leslie Jordan, this time as enigmatic psychic Cricket Marlowe. ‘Chapter 3’ saw Cricket demanding payment for his services, while trying to communicate with the evil that dwelled inside the house. Cut back to Season 3 and Coven, Episode 6 ‘The Axeman Cometh’ was the one where Zoe and the rest of the junior witches accidentally summon Danny Huston’s villainous Axeman.”

And also with episode 4 of season:

“‘Chapter 4’ had the return of another AHS alumni, and Denis O’Hare got some well-deserved screen time. Did anyone else shudder when he mentioned that Edward Phillipe Mott used to own the Roanoke house? The Mott family is comprised of those inbred socialites who spawned Finn Wittrock’s psycho Dandy in Freak Show.”

Moreover, Ctuwallet24 increases the complications by saying

“I totally think this is right, because the 6th episode of season 6 will also allude to the 6th episode of Roanoke!

Ability of episodes 7-10 to predict the theme of the 6th episodes of seasons 7-10 confirmed!


Everything being said and done, fans still are waiting for the secret 10th season of AHS.


#3 Is American Horror Story A Documentary Series?

Is American Horror Story A Documentary Series
Photo: FX

MartynLann on Reddit asked, “What if it turns out that all of this seasons have been documentaries and that’s why they keep using the same actors and actresses?”

Different Redditors have additionally thought about whether all of AHS could be a “narrative” arrangement where every one of the performing artists are to be sure on-screen characters assuming diverse parts. It would clarify why the on-screen characters continue returning season after season. You know, unless they’re destined to come back to work through their awful karma.

#4 Replay of First Six Seasons With Ally’s Fear In The Seventh One

Replay of First Six Seasons With Ally's Fear In The Seventh One
Photo: FX

In the initial two scenes of Season 7, Ally (Sarah Paulson) reminds her specialist (Cheyenne Jackson) that she has numerous fears, and records a couple of them: jokesters, blood, limited spaces, the dim, and examples of minor gaps (trypophobia).


Normally, Ally’s dread of jokesters interfaces this season with Season 4’s Freak Show, and its pillaging comedian. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about blood? Or on the other hand small openings? Redditor ItsNotAPersonDamnIt joins Ally’s dread of blood to Hotel’s vampires.

Monalisaaa11 recommends Ally’s trypophobia is a reference to the needles and swords symbolism from Season 3’s Coven (and additionally witchcraft and voodoo dolls). Others on Reddit associate minor openings with the heroin fixation Paulson’s character endured in Hotel.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the other three seasons? Monalisaaa11 clarifies, “My hypothesis is that as the season goes on, they may give us six particular feelings of trepidation they need to freely interface with the past seasons.”


#5 The Even- And Odd-Numbered Seasons In Different Universes

The Even- And Odd-Numbered Seasons In Different Universes
Photo: FX

Imagine a scenario in which all of American Horror Story included not one associated universe, but rather two. Zemrazjarr on Reddit contends that the even-numbered seasons (2, 4, and 6; or Asylum, Freak Show, and Roanoke) share one universe, and the odd-numbered seasons (Murder House, Coven, Hotel, and Cult) another.

Zemrazjarr says:

“In Freak Show (4) we see that it’s unquestionably the same universe as Asylum (2) and then when Roanoke (6) rolls around we also see that it is unquestionably linked to Freak Show and Asylum. Then in Hotel (5) we see that it is definitely set in the same universe as Murder House (1) and Coven (3). But as far as I can see the odd seasons and the even seasons aren’t linked at all (unless I’m missing something).”

To be reasonable, this hypothesis to some degree goes into disrepair at the odd-numbered Season 7: Cult, which shares Twisty the comedian with the even-numbered Season 4. Different Redditors raised different questions, however it’s an intriguing theory at the same time.


#6 Journalist Lana Winters Visits Both Asylum And Roanoke

Journalist Lana Winters Visits Both Asylum And Roanoke
Photo: FX

Back in the Asylum in 1964, columnist Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) endeavors to explore the puzzling Briarcliff Manor and ends up caught inside, where she is tormented with change treatment probably planned to “cure” her homosexuality before being assaulted and about killed by the serial executioner Bloody Face.

Winters in the end escapes and ascends to noticeable quality as an investigative writer and narrative movie producer. In 2017, Winters interviews survivor Lee Harris (Adina Porter) about her difficulties in Roanoke. So, we realize that Seasons 2 and 6 certainly happen in a similar universe.

#7 The Roanoke House

The Roanoke House
Photo: FX

The well off Mott family is at fault for something other than insane person Dandy (Finn Wittrock), the unsettled youthful beneficiary who kills out of weariness and peevishness in Season 4’s Freak Show.


Dandy’s mom Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy) cautions her child that fractiousness keeps running in their (exceptionally innate) family and she’s correct: Dandy’s predecessor Edward Phillipe Mott assembled the Roanoke house from Season 6 of every 1792 and later vanished there.

#8 Witch Scáthach Was The Original Supreme

Witch Scáthach Was The Original Supreme
Photo: FX

Show maker Ryan Murphy affirmed a connection between Season 3’s Coven and Season 6’s Roanoke in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that Scáthach (Lady Gaga) was the first Supreme, the most intense witch and leader of the coven.

The plot of Season 3, obviously, rotated around introductory day witches competing to see who might turn into the following Supreme, carrying on Scáthach’s inheritance.


#9 Pepper Performance In Freak Show Before Going to Asylum

Pepper Performance In Freak Show Before Going to Asylum
Photo: FX

As a baby, Pepper (Naomi Grossman) was surrendered by her family since she experienced microcephaly, a condition that gave her an abnormally little head and a scope of different inabilities. She experienced childhood in a shelter until the point when she was 18, when Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) embraced her into Fräulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities in Season 4’s Freak Show.

After her friend and kindred microcephaly sufferer Salty passes on, she turns out to be excessively discouraged, making it impossible to perform with the monstrosity appear and is sent to live with her sister Rita.

However, this was not the first run through Pepper showed up on American Horror Story. Pepper initially showed up in Season 2 as a prisoner of the Briarcliff refuge, where she was sent after probably killing her handicapped newborn child nephew. Things being what they are Rita and her better half killed the child themselves and surrounded Pepper, who did not have the psychological abilities to guard herself.


So it appears to be sure that the two Seasons 2 and 4 happen in a similar world and on a similar course of events.

#10 Florida!

Photo: FX

Season 4, Freak Show, happens in Jupiter, Florida, yet this isn’t the series only association with that ignorant state. Back in Season 1, Murder House, Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) notices she has relatives in Florida. In Season 7, Cult, dreadful sitter Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) notices that she was in Florida, as well, campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential decision.

#11 Jack Colquitt Travels In Time While Being A Detective

Jack Colquitt Travels
Photo: FX

It’s just a little callback, however numerous AHS fans noticed that Detective Jack Colquitt (Geoffrey Rivas) showed up in Season 1 to explore the vanishing of Sally Freeman (Adina Porter). Be that as it may, in Season 4, Freak Show, which happens six decades previously Season 1, another Detective Jack Colquitt (P.J. Marshall) appears to examining the many homicides and vanishings occurring in Jupiter, Florida.


Is this an unpretentious piece of information, or does Ryan Murphy only a devotee of The X-Files?

#12 Asylum’s Nazi Madman Dr. Arden

Asylum's Nazi Madman Dr. Arden
Photo: FX

In Season 2, Asylum, Dr. Arthur Arden (James Cromwell) is a previous Nazi inhumane imprisonment administrator who progresses toward becoming Briarcliff Manor’s frantic researcher in habitation, subjecting the refuge’s patients to torment while attempting to make another ace race – and succeeding just in making alarming, zombie-like animals called “raspers.”

In Season 4, Freak Show, we discover that oddity indicate proprietor and baffled chanteuse Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) met Dr. Arden years prior, in a whorehouse in 1930s Germany. The Nazi specialist and researcher (at that point passing by the name Hans Grüper) cut away her legs while making a snuff film.


More evidence that Seasons 2 and 4 are entwined.

#13 The Montgomery Family

The Montgomery Family
Photo: FX

Another instance of Ryan Murphy reusing last names, or something more? In Season 1, specialist Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) was the first proprietor of the “murder house,” which he used to perform curved Frankenstein-like examinations while high on ether – and that is before things got extremely monstrous.

In Season 3, Coven, we’re blessed with supernatural starlet Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts).


At long last, in Season 5, Hotel, Charles Montgomery returns to play out a premature birth on the Countess (Lady Gaga) – with no luckiness, as the baby lives, as well as murders Montgomery’s medical attendant.

#14 When Murder House’s Real Estate Agent Checked In To Hotel

When Murder House's Real Estate Agent Checked In To Hotel
Photo: FX

Back in Season 1, terrible land operator Marcy (Christine Estabrook) offers the main Murder House to Patrick and Chad Warwick (Teddy Sears and Zachary Quinto), at that point after their merciless murder, offers it again to the Harmon family without completely uncovering the home’s horrifying past.

Marcy’s homophobic and bigot remarks, and additionally her deceptive nature in managing her customers, make it difficult to feel frustrated about her when she tries to expedite an arrangement at the Hotel Cortez from Season 5 and falls prey to hungry vampires.


#15 Coven’s Queenie

Coven's Queenie
Photo: FX

The voodoo witch, Queenie, played by Gabourey Sidibe in Season 3, Coven, has capable enchantment, including the capacity to deliver torment on herself which at that point exchanges to her casualties, basically transforming her own body into a voodoo doll.

Lamentably, while Queenie can overcome any mortal, she’s frail against phantoms, the manner by which she ends up caught in Season 5’s Hotel Cortez. The vampiric Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) assaults Queenie, who almost crushes her before the phantom of James March goes to Ramona’s guide and Queenie is damned.

#16 The Psychic Billie Dean Howard in Season One And Five

The Psychic Billie Dean Howard in Season One And Five
Photo: FX

Billie Dean Howard ( Sarah Paulson’s psychic) which was shown up in American Horror Story’s first season, where she tries to cast out the numerous evils present in the Murder House.


Paulson repeated the part in Season 5’s Hotel when Billie Dean Howard interviews John Lowe’s phantom (Wes Bentley) for her paranormal TV appear. Bog swears her to mystery and she influences it to out of the lodging alive, which implies she may very well influence it to back for a future season….

Furthermore, in Season 1, Billie Dean recounts the tale of a notable expulsion in – where else? Roanoke.

#17 Pig Men’s Wild Presence in all American Horror Story Seasons

Pig Men's Wild Presence in all American Horror Story Seasons
Photo: FX

The Pig Man (likewise called Piggy Man) from Season 1, when specialist Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) endeavors to help his patient, Derrick (Eric Stonestreet). Derrick has turned out to be fixated on an urban legend about Piggy Man, a hoard butcher-turned-otherworldly executioner, yet his endeavors to go up against his feelings of trepidation prompt his demise.


Streak forward to Season 6, Roanoke, and we meet another Pig Man. This stunning nebulous vision earned his pig’s head in the first sixteenth century Roanoke province, when he stole nourishment from the settlement’s supply stores. The rankled pilgrims rebuffed his piggy avarice by driving him to wear a pig’s head, at that point simmering him alive on a spit. No big surprise his anxious apparition now frequents the region.

Are these a similar Pig Man? Or on the other hand did Murphy simply reuse an exceptionally frightening idea?

What’s more, if that isn’t sufficient, there’s a reference to a Pig Man in Season 7, Cult, when Sarah Paulson’s phobic Ally sees a butcher’s plate of pig noses minutes before having a dreamlike fit of anxiety.


#18 Antichrist

Photo: FX

Psychic Billie Dean Howard from Season 1 explains that “a child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times.”

Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) gives birth to a dangerous little child received by Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange).

In any case, this is a long way from the main time that soul human s** happens. In Roanoke, the unfading witch Scáthach (Lady Gaga) engages in sexual relations with human Matt Miller (André Holland and Cuba Gooding, Jr.). In Hotel, the Countess (Lady Gaga) and James March have their own evil presence child, Bartholomew, who submits his first murder when still a baby. Any of these infants may be the one genuine Antichrist.


Furthermore, what will happen to little Michael from Season One? A few fans figure he may now go under the name of Oz in Season 7: Cult.

#19 Twisty The Clown Returns In Season 7

Twisty The Clown Returns In Season 7
Photo: FX

Everybody cherished Twisty the Clown in Season 4, Freak Show, depicted by John Carroll Lynch as a startling yet strangely thoughtful kids’ performer turned-serial executioner. Once a kind, rationally crippled carnival jokester, Twisty was erroneously blamed for pedophilia and driven out of the group. He endeavored to confer suicide with a shotgun, just to brush off his lower jaw.

The “genuine” Twisty kicked the bucket toward the finish of Season 4, summoned by the apparition of Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley). However, in Season 7, he’s back! Kind of. Twisty just shows up as an anecdotal comic book character, however the lines amongst genuine and envisioned are surely touchy.


#20 Campfire Coffee From Season 5

Campfire Coffee From Season 5
Photo: FX

This may qualify as to a greater degree a running joke than a profound association, however Campfire Gold moment espresso is steady in the AHS universe. Redditor gh0stgall3ry saw that in Season 5, Iris (Kathy Bates) stores her child’s fiery remains in a Campfire espresso can. This is a similar brand of espresso that Season 4’s Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) did advertisements for back in the 1930s.

#21 Several Freak Shows In This Comic Books

Several Freak Shows In This Comic Books
Photo: FX

In a matter of seconds or-you’ll-miss-it minute in Season 7 a character holds up the comic book that youthful Oz likes to peruse much to his colorphobic mother’s objection. The comic book highlights Twisty the Clown, who shows up a couple of times in Season 7. What a nearer perception uncovers is that Pepper (Naomi Grossman), Jimmy (Peter Evans), and Meep (Ben Woolf) likewise show up on the comic’s cover as characters. Are the intended to be chronicled characters or would they say they are anecdotal characters in AHS: Cult’s reality? It’s uncertain, however yet another way Freak Show and Cult cover.