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Get Buried In Style With These Glitter Coffins

Get Buried In Style With These Glitter Coffins

There’s only one thing guaranteed in life and that’s death. While death brings unhappiness and sorrow to those who are grieving, at least you can now rest 6-feet under in the glitter-covered coffin of your choice.

These coffins are for those of you who want to enter the afterlife in the right way, while also staying fabulous of course.

A UK-based business named Glitter Coffin Company is home to these strangely fascinating products, and owners Chris and Dawn Nicholls claimed they wanted to do something a little different after previously spending two years in the Glitter Furniture Company they had already built.

The company now works closely with Wyatt Brother’s funeral directors but had to wait over a year for the coffins to pass the FFMA testing requirements to be able to be used for burials and cremations.

Glitter coffins have already been provided for 15 burials for people who have sadly lost their lives in different parts of the world.

The Glitter Coffin Company took to their Twitter page to show everyone exactly what their product looks like, presenting us with some very classy caskets, inside and out.


The remarkably stylish coffins are taking the UK by storm, with thousands said to be lining up just to bury their loved ones in style. And if you are more into the cremation side of things, maybe something like this is more your taste.

If you wish to purchase one of these coffins, it will need to be ordered through the local funeral homes, while the individual costs differ. If you want to get your hands on one of their glittery ashes boxes, it will cost you around $220.

The Glitter Coffins Company may just be the greatest birthday present you could ever receive. Death and a glittery coffin to rest for eternity? That’s the perfect win, win situation in my book.