Brahms is back, but this time with new victims to terrorize.

Unaware of what lies ahead for them, a young family moves into a guest house on the same estate as the terrifying Heelshire mansion, where their son meets and befriends a worrying new friend, a creepy life-like doll named Brahms.

Brahms: The Boy 2 is scheduled for a February release, and as we edge ever closer to the sequel, we can’t hold in our excitement or fear.

Although The Boy received mixed reviews when it was released in 2016, the movie’s ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats was undeniable, especially towards the ending.

Katie Holmes (Liza) serves as the lead actress alongside Cristopher Convery (Jude), who will be accompanied by both Owain Yeoman (Sean) and Ralph Ineson (Joseph).

The new trailer proceeds to show us what we can expect from Brahms: The Boy 2, which will undoubtedly be a lot more thrills and suspense while leading up to its release later this year.