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10+ Hyperrealistic Tattoos That’ll Seriously Freak You Out

Tattoos have been an artistic expression for as long as recorded history. Whether it be with a paint and brushes or ink and a needle, mankind has found intricate and sometimes painful ways to express themselves.

Some pieces are used to show of rebellion whereas others advertise the intricacies of the wearer’s soul. Some tattoos are so realistic and mind-blowing that they warrant a second (and third or fourth) glance.

Hyperrealistic Tattoos Makers: How Skilled are Tattooists?

The skill of tattoo artists is very peculiar and in case of the ones who designed the below tattoos, the skill is mind blowing. So much perfection must take years of focus and practice to train the brain for impeccable drawings in the first go without making the tiniest mistake. Just because one slight mistake and the skin is ruined permanently!

She’s got legs

This detailed engraving gives new meaning to the term, “wooden leg”.

machine hyperrealistic tattoos

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He’s more machine now than man

A tattoo like this will really test one’s metal

emotions hyperrealistic

Source: via Pinterest

Making emotions the star

He’s taking great pain to show his inner emotions on the outside.

native tattoos

Source: vast/via Imgur

Going native…

Instead of going traditional (read: overused), this tattoo emphasizes and actual tribe.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via pinterest

This tattoo really ties everything together.

I bet she never falls for the “you’re shoes are untied” joke.


Source: MadrugaRocket/via Imgur

Left arm of God

I bet he gets more than one look at this “Righteous” ink.

gentleman hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: Juncha/Instagram

Dapper gentleman of London

This gentleman received a call to arms.

Back in time hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: MATTEO PASQUALIN/via pinterest

Back in time

I bet this clock tattoo took a lot of time.

Battle damaged hyperrealistic

Source: via Pinterest

Battle damaged…

We all wear masks. sometimes underneath…

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via Stylish9

He’s always on your side

Photorealism of this quality is divine

Wingman hyperrealistic tattoos

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It’s always good to have a proper “Wingman”

A good wingman will have your back (and side)

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via tattooideascentral

Inking on the go

Not content with a simple lace garder, this lacey inked lingerie doubles as a holster for a weapon of artistic display.


Source: thewebtrovert

Not a big pussy

This photorealistic depiction lets everyone one know the owner has the courage of the king of the jungle.


Source: Pinterest

A parliament of owls

This is actually just one owl but the owl wraps around the entire arm. Much like an actual owl can rotate its head 360 degrees.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: A.D. Poncho/via Pinterest

Smoking hot tattoo

As the smoke exhales from her nose, the clown make-up and facial expression tell an intricate story. but nowhere near as intricate as the detail the artist put into this piece.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: antoniomackotodisco/Instagram

Art on edge

For those lucky enough to see it, the image portrays a man at the end of his ropes. We don’t see his face but his actions tell us all the story we need.


Source: den_yakovlev/Instagram

Fake News

This is known as an alternate “belly button”

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via Pinterest

Planet of the cool tattoos

This piece depicts a haunting realistic visual. The ape’s eyes allow you to peer into its soul.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via tattoos-book

Does whatever a spider can

The dodging of all the attempted swats from people who think this black widow are real is worth it. The insistence that they burn it off your neck probably isn’t though.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via vitwill

I am Catwoman…hear me roar!

This depiction of Michelle Pfeiffer is spot on from Batman Returns. The detail work is immaculate. I just hope the artist didn’t use the needles from Selina Kyle’s sewing kit.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: Nikko Hurtado/via tattoodo

The eye has it

There is no better hangover cure than waking up and thinking you’re in the Twilight Zone. A giant realistic Eyeball tattooed on your forearm will do that for you.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via tetattoohut

Hooked a big one

For anyone who has caught a fish hook in any place other than a fish’s mouth, this tattoo inspires more pain than pleasure. This is probably a favorite of the Cenobites.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via Pinterest

Time just buzzing along

The detail on this (time) piece is extravagant. Hopefully, it can make the bees stop (pun intended) stinging.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via tattoodo

Ancient Chinese secret

This photorealistic painting of an old Asian smoking a pipe is breathtaking.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: Carlos Torres/via Pinterest


Nothing is beautiful because it lasts. Unlike this tattoo, which will last forever.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: dmitriy samohin/via worldtattoogallery

Trojan Maaaaaan!

Unlike the myth that this tattoo is based on, Everyone will see him coming.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via tattoodo

Well that’s a horse of a different color

There is a screening process to get into the mythical land of Oz, after all.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via mundodastribos

Rock you like a hurricane

Either this is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or that guy needs to call an exterminator…fast.

hyperrealistic tattoos

source: via thewebtrovert

Seal wishes he could get kisses like this

A rose by any other name would still not look as good as this rose.

hyperrealistic tattoos

Source: via tintanapele

Tattoos are more mainstream today than ever before. It was once thought that Tattoos were a sign of dubious character but with masterpieces like these, one doesn’t care who it’s attached to. Just so long as we get to look at it.

There you have it, some of the most hyper realistic tattoos you have ever seen and they sure are a sight to see when you see one in real! Although they would cost you thousands of dollars but then again, these are so peculiar that they will never become mainstream; even you are six feet under! These professional tattooists are hard to find and deal with but once the deal is done, your body will be a state-of-the-art masterpiece! Undeniably the tattoo that you will not regret having.

It is mesmerizing sometimes, seeing what a human can do. Such are example of things that a machine or robot could never do, because hyper realistic tattoos require the creativity of an extraordinary mind. You really gotta give it to such artists. Nonetheless, one mistake and you will have a heart with a million pieces instead of a body with a masterpiece. It’s up to you!