With Halloween season coming within the next few months, it’s important that you already start doing prep work for your spooky-themed parties and celebrations.

In case you haven’t figured out which items you should start with for your overall decoration and if you are still clueless on what other things you can add to your existing Halloween collection, you might consider buying this Spooky Tree from Hearthsong.

Hearthsong’s Spooky Tree is meticulously designed, beautifully resembling those living trees from the spooky stories you adored as a child. It is intentionally molded with a terrifying, uneasy smile, which can be glowed to maximum spooky effect by attaching 3 AAA batteries to enable its LED light.

Hearthsong describes the Tree as a “décor terrifyingly detailed to add more chills and thrills to your Halloween decorations.”

They warned that you should not be fooled with it, as its “crazed coiffure is calculated carefully to draw trick-or-treaters of all ages ever closer to its hypnotic gleaming eyes, four roots that have grown as hands ready to reach out those who come nearer, and THAT gleeful, gap-toothed smile.

The Spooky Tree is perfect as an add-on to your living room and if you’re brave enough, next to your bed due to its lighting features that can double-serve as a lamp.

Made out of resin, this imaginative and fun Halloween decoration has a size of 12 inches (L) x 7 inches (W) x 7 inches (D) x 13.5 inches (H). It weighs 24.95 pounds.

Hearthsong’s Spooky Tree is currently available at hearthsong.com for only $34.98. Click here to get your own now!

Watch this video to give you a better view of Hearthson’s Spooky Tree:

What are your thoughts on this Spooky Tree from Hearthsong? Will you be buying this immediately in preparation for Halloween season? Share your reactions in the comments section below.