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Is ‘The Babadook’ the Scariest Film of The Past Decade?

Is ‘The Babadook’ the Scariest Film of The Past Decade?

Opinions, so the old adage goes, are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.

As the decade drew to a close this week and we said goodbye to the 2010s a number of media outlets looked back reflectively on the ten years of mostly stellar horror efforts we have enjoyed. 

Some however went a step further and attempted to work which of the multitude of offerings could be deemed the ‘scariest’ or the ‘best’ with Britain’s The Metro newspaper ruling authoratatively on the subject. 

With its eye catching headline ‘The Babadook is The Best Horror Film of the Decade’ the free paper may have appeared to some to be giving a conclusive judgement based upon a poll of horror fans, scores on aggregating websites or on critic’s reviews. 

Rather, this was an opinion piece written by Mel Evans in which she put forward her arguments as to why the antipodean shocker should be considered the scariest of the decade. Along with the playfully confrontational invitation ‘fight me’. 

I fear, metaphorically at least, that there may be a few people queuing up to do just that. Including a few of our readers. Though it must be said, such a forthright proclamation does spark some debate.

So, what I want to know is, do you agree? Is The Babadook the scariest film of the past ten years? Or, as I suspect, do you have some other suggestions?

Let us know in the comments. After all, eveybody’s got one…