Home Art Making this ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ crochet dolls can be your new hobby

Making this ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ crochet dolls can be your new hobby

Making this ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ crochet dolls can be your new hobby

There’s more to being stuck at home than just going on a movie marathon or playing your favorite video games all day. If you are looking for something new to add on your to-do list, especially if your goal is to unleash the inner creative in you, there’s no harm in trying to do crochet. 

Crochets are a popular handiwork these days, further proving that doing yarn and needle-related art should not limited be to “Sundays with our grandparents.” Not only it is easy to work, there is a multitude of designs you can do from simple stitches – and it’s also a fun activity to do with the entire family!

If you love taking things to the next level, then making crochet dolls is perfect. Squarepig Crochet from the Etsy shop has recently offered everyone an opportunity to create their very own crochet dolls inspired by the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas

Here, everyone can make dolls for Jack Skelligton, Zero, Oogie Boogie, the Mayor of Halloweentown, and Sally. Note that the product is a crochet pattern guide and not the actual crochet doll itself. Where’s even the fun in crochet when other people will do it for you?

The pattern guide (written in English) will be easy to follow and detailed pattern with clear pictures and explanations fit for every crochet lovers. 

Basic skills in crochet is a must, including chain stitch, single and double crochet, increase, decrease, slip stitch, crochet rounds, and assemblage of parts.

Upon purchase of their pattern, you will be given a downloadable digital crochet guide on your e-mail. 

Aside from Nightmare Before Christmas dolls, Squarepig Crochet also offers crochet patterns for Big Hero 6’s Baymax, Minnie Mouse, My Neighbor Totoro’s Totoro, The Good Dinosaur’s Arlo, and Frozen’s Olaf. 

If you’re a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas check at these games to play at home HERE.

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