Home Lifestyle A Liquid-Reactive Pennywise Umbrella That Drips ‘Blood’ When It Rains

A Liquid-Reactive Pennywise Umbrella That Drips ‘Blood’ When It Rains

A Liquid-Reactive Pennywise Umbrella That Drips ‘Blood’ When It Rains

As we know, Pennywise changes his shape and molds into different characters and household items in attempts to scare his victims prior to devouring them.

Whether he’s haunting us in the shape of a large spider, a terrifying painting, or somebody suffering from leprosy, he manages to freak us out every single time. But, how about in the form of an umbrella?

This new liquid-reactive umbrella shows Pennywise’s ability to creep us out regardless of what form he decides to take up. This isn’t an ordinary umbrella, however, it has a sinister catch.

Credit – Merchoid.

This officially licensed IT umbrella brings Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise to life with menacing color and reveals dripping pools of blood alongside him when it gets wet.

The umbrella looks as if you’re being targeted as The Dancing Clown’s next victim, as bloods drips onto you from above. This is guaranteed to scare anybody that makes eye contact with Pennywise’s new disguise.

Credit – Merchoid.

The product also has a sleeve for easier storage of the umbrella when you’re not using it, and a wristlet lanyard in order to keep your hands free for when you’re making a quick getaway from murderous clowns.

Credit – Merhcoid.

If you’re buying for yourself, a friend, or even your child, this Pennywise umbrella is the perfect gift for horror-fanatics. You can find this on the official Merchoid website where it is priced at just $26.99.

If you want to take the cheaper route, this product is available on Amazon for a reduced price of $18.14.

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Will you be buying one of these umbrellas for yourself or a friend? Make sure to let us know in the comments.