Home Animals Meet Lucy, A Uniquely Adorable Sphynx Cat With A Rare Condition

Meet Lucy, A Uniquely Adorable Sphynx Cat With A Rare Condition

Meet Lucy, A Uniquely Adorable Sphynx Cat With A Rare Condition

Meet Lucy, a Sphynx cat that resides in Isreal with her owner, Zilla Bergamini, and unlike most feline pets, Lucy has a rare condition that alters the way she lives.


The condition mostly disrupts her spine, but it has also enlarged Lucy’s head far greater than any other cat.

“Love at first sight” were the words used to describe Bergamini’s reaction during her first encounter with Lucy, who had looked amazingly different from the rest of her littermates.


The outstanding commitment to keeping her companion happy and healthy has not gone unnoticed, and due to the amazing work Zilla Bergamini has put in, Lucy has been able to live life to the limits without having to worry about any further complications with her condition.

After finding the best veterinarian neurological center available to her, and researching everything possible about hydrocephalus, the condition which causes a build-up of fluid in Lucy’s brain, Bergamini is now prepared for any potential future her best feline friend may have.

Bergamini adopted Lucy before she was just three months old, and brought her into her loving care, adding her to the family alongside two other rescue cats.


A strong bond between the two formed and continues to grow until this day.

You can head over to her Instagram HERE and follow Lucy with the other 31,000 people who keep track of the beautifully unusual cat on a weekly basis.

If you would like to find out more about what Lucy does in her day to day life and how Bergamini stays on top of it all, you can head over to linktree HERE and show your support.


Check out this adorably heartwarming video of Lucy during her early days under the care of Zilla Bergamini, we promise you won’t regret it.

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