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Learn How To Make Your Own Quilted Plague Doctor Mask At Home

Learn How To Make Your Own Quilted Plague Doctor Mask At Home

While everyone is constantly wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves and their family from any potential threat the entire world is currently facing, why not stay safe in style with this brilliantly hilarious take on the “Plague Doctor Mask”.

This mask design has been shared with anyone and everyone that has a sense of humor while also knowing the dangers of the ongoing pandemic poses.

Credit – suntree a-ok on Tumblr.

This creation has been generously shared by Suntree a-ok, Mctreeleth’s page on Tumblr, who has insisted that we all keep our heads up during the hard time we are enduring.

The post has been met with tremendous praise and people from around the world have attempted to make their own Plague Doctor Masks.

If you’re interested in making one of your own, instructions are provided in the original post for anyone that wants to tap into their creative sides.

Credit – suntree a-ok on Tumblr.

The mask design was, of course, made popular in the 17th century during the plague and has since gone on to feature multiple times in modern culture.

It was intended to keep doctors from contracting the plague as they worked day and night, attempting to keep patients and victims safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

To make one of these wonderful masks (with a haunting past) of your own, you will have to follow a series of instructions, and although they turn out great, if you’re not patient enough, the mask could be completely overwhelming.

Credit – suntree a-ok on Tumblr.
Credit – suntree a-ok on Tumblr.

Despite the hard work, if you follow along and precisely do like the post states, you can have your very own uniquely designed Plague Doctor Mask in just one sitting.

Again, you can find the original post to make your ow mask, HERE!

Although there’s no certainty the masks work, will you be attempting to make your own? If you do, make sure to share your designs with us in the comments.

**Please note is is for cosplay only and is not recommended for medical use**