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Take A FREE Virtual Tour Through The Winchester’ Haunted Mansion

Take A FREE Virtual Tour Through The Winchester’ Haunted Mansion

For most normal people the idea of touring around a supposedly haunted house is one that would be in no way appealing. Ghosts you say?  I’d rather not.  A long history of paranormal activity and strange phenomena?  No chance.  One of the most haunted houses in the U.S.? Bugger that.

More evidence if ever it were needed of that great universal truth: Normal people, are boring.

If however, like me and most of the readership here at Freaked you’d be more than happy (and even possibly quite at home) strolling amongst the spirits and checking the shadows for movement, then the fact that Winchester Mystery House, the building upon which the atmospheric chiller ‘Winchester’ was based, allows people to take guided tours that explain both the history and the horrors of the building, will come as welcome news.

Or at least, it would, if it weren’t all stuck indoors for this damn virus.

With much of the world locked down and confined to a single house as if they themselves are a ghost, doomed to remain in the same location until someone frees their soul (or at least stops coughing long enough to be allowed outside) the idea seems a little less impressive. News of a haunted house tour isn’t really great news if you can’t go on it…

Except, you can! Even in quarantine.

Hey, if kids and students can receive lessons virtually and zoos and parks can open up for virtual tours, then why not haunted houses.?

That’s right Winchester Mystery House, the mansion upon which the Helen Mirren starring movie was based, is opening its doors for you to take a free virtual walkthrough its creepily deserted and yet ‘inhabited’ halls, all from the comfort of wherever you are sensibly ensconced for the period of social distancing.

For those of you who don’t know, or have never seen the movie, this oddly constructed building was put together by Sarah Winchester. She became very wealthy as the widowed heiress to the Winchester rifles fortune. Unfortunately, the money earned from so much bloodshed reportedly left a stain and her ill gotten gains came back to haunt her in a very literal sense.

After consulting a spiritualist she was charged by her husband (from beyond the grave) to relocate and start construction on a house that she must never stop building. The result is a sprawling and eccentric construction which according to the legend was partly set up to house the souls of those killed by the very rifles that had made her husband’s fortune.

Whether there were in fact any ghosts or whether this is simply the product of a woman driven to delusions by her grief and guilt is a matter of belief. Either way, the house itself is an eery and unnervingly idiosyncratic place to visit, either in the flesh or virtually. Did I mention the digital tour is free? No? Well, it is.

As if that wasn’t enough, Winchester Mystery House is also offering real life ‘in the flesh’ entry tickets at 13 dollars off, to be redeemed once we all get out of this mess.

In the meantime, why not try a virtual tour through a haunted house? There are definitely worse ways to pass the time.

You can take the tour here :