Home Lifestyle This Disney Hocus Pocus Mug Comes With A Broomstick Spoon

This Disney Hocus Pocus Mug Comes With A Broomstick Spoon

This Disney Hocus Pocus Mug Comes With A Broomstick Spoon

It’s approaching that time where we all get ourselves comfy on the sofa with a nice hot drink, whether that’s with a loved one or alone, and count down the days to Halloween by watching classic movies the whole family can enjoy.

Although it released almost 30-years ago, Hocus Pocus still sits atop the throne for the most-watched movie heading into the Halloween season.

Nothing beats delving back into the life of the Sanderson Sisters with a nice hot drink to keep you warm, and now you can do exactly that with Disney’s official Hocus Pocus mug that comes accompanied by a broomstick-shaped spoon.

Credit – ShopDisney

This completely unique and incredibly adorable Hocus Pocus mug is the perfect addition to your Halloween movie nights – or any movie night for that matter.

Along with its cauldron-like shape and broomstick spoon, the Hocus Pocus mug catches the eye with its stand-out rainbow colors.

Accompanying the Hocus Pocus logo, which is sprawled across the mug, is the quote “It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus” which adds a little humor to the otherwise stunning cup.

Credit – ShopDisney

While it is never completely out of the limelight, Hocus Pocus has been the center of attention in recent times as all three Sanderson Sisters – Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy – have expressed their interest in returning for a Hocus Pocus sequel.

The incredible Hocus Pocus mug can be made yours for just $19.99 when you head over to ShopDisney, HERE!

A Hocus Pocus LEGO set is currently in the ideas phase, and if you join the thousands of supporters who have rallied together, the set could become reality. Find out more, HERE!

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