Home Horror News There Is An Edgar Allen Poe-Themed Restaurant Perfect For Goth Lovers

There Is An Edgar Allen Poe-Themed Restaurant Perfect For Goth Lovers

There Is An Edgar Allen Poe-Themed Restaurant Perfect For Goth Lovers

In the United States, the public is welcome to visit the ‘Annabel Lee Tavern’ located in Maryland, which is heavily dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe.


The restaurant celebrates the life of the poet and puts on display some of his biggest achievements the man conquered during his life.


The unique feel will allow you to escape into a familiar world solely based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and although it remains a dark, moody place, there’s a certain beauty that hits you unlike any other felt in this world.


Drinks are accompanied by glasses with Poe’s face printed onto them, all menu items are handwritten similar to that of the famous author’s style.

Guests are invited to order Edgar Allan Poe inspired dishes with some boasting fancy names such as ‘Annabel Lee’ Chicken Salad, and ‘The Annapolis’.

Customers are eager to come back to relive the experience all over again, and aside from the beautiful darkness you experience during your time there, the food is another major reasoning for people returning.


The tavern celebrates the established author’s birthday on January 19 and often holds Poe readings, where fans can get together and collectively enjoy a piece of his work.

It’s not just the inside of the establishment that gives off the weirdly wonderful Edgar Allan Poe aura, and as you can see below, the surroundings of the place are just as eyecatching for followers of the poet.

Considering the restaurant holds up to around 50 people at once, Annabel Lee Tavern staff recommends you make reservations in advance to ensure your spot for the day. You can do so by checking out their official website HERE!


And who knows, alongside the many outstanding things the restaurant has to offer, they may also sell the Edgar Allan Poe-themed cake there too! If you’re not into the restaurant scene, maybe this Edgard Allan Poe Museum is more your taste!