Home Lifestyle These Floating Jellyfish Lights Turn Your Pool Into A Big Aquarium

These Floating Jellyfish Lights Turn Your Pool Into A Big Aquarium

These Floating Jellyfish Lights Turn Your Pool Into A Big Aquarium

Swimming pools are loved by most, whether you’re family-oriented or a lone wolf, you will more than often enjoy spending time in a pool, especially if it’s your own.


The one problem pools have is their lack of personality, each and everyone seems to look the same – plain with the odd floaty taking up space.

Now, you are able to make your pool the talk of the town with these Aqua Glow Floating LED Jellyfish lights.


Not only do they look incredibly realistic, but the LED Jellyfish lights make your pool look like a live-aquarium and gives it some much-needed personality.

Credit – Walmart

Owners of the Jellyfish are treated to six different functions depending on your mood and preference. You can show off your bubbly nature with the multicolored twinkle setting, express your chilled-out, relaxed mood with a steady light, or even set the lights to fade to create magical and entirely positive energy.

A mixture of red, blue, and green lights are portrayed by the floating Jellyfish which then turns your pool into a mystical new world.


The lights have a 4-hour auto turn-off timer, are battery-powered with four AA cells, have measurements of around 13 cm x 13 cm x 28 cm, and will cost you exactly $10.44 at Walmart.

The LED Jellyfish lights have had overwhelmingly positive reactions from buyers, boasting a 4 out of 5 star rating through reviews on Walmart’s website.

These are perfect not just to make your pool to stand out above the rest, but for children who will undeniably enjoy swimming with the fishes from the safety of their own home.


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