Home Places Abandoned This Haunted Abandoned Amusement Park In WV Has A Blood-Filled History

This Haunted Abandoned Amusement Park In WV Has A Blood-Filled History

This Haunted Abandoned Amusement Park In WV Has A Blood-Filled History

Rumor has it that this abandoned amusement park is one of the most terrifying and haunted parks currently residing in West Virginia, United States.

According to residents and people who have previously visited the mysterious park, countless unusual deaths occurred on the land pushing citizens into thinking the place is cursed.

More reports state that the owner was warned against building an amusement park after the place was thought to be haunted years prior, instead, the owner didn’t listen and despite it being a fun place to visit, more bad took place than good.

Now, the park has been closed for some time and left to decay. Unfortunately, people still turn up to the place in order to discover hauntings for themselves.

It is said that between 1927 when the park opened and 1966 when it finally closed. 6 people actually died at the Amusement Park.

There’ve been many ghost sightings on the land and despite its closing, visitors are still experiencing potentially sinister spirits.

Here of some more images of the abandon park.


If you want to delve deeper into the mystery that haunts the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, check out this video down below.

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