Whilst Universal’s spectacular big screen flop Cats was an absolute horror show for the studio, in that it was ‘universally’ panned (see what I did there? I swear my comedy genius is wasted) they will be hoping that their newest bona fide horror effort will be able to ‘claw’ back (there it is again!) some of the lost money. 

Particularly as this ‘purrrticular’ offering (okay I’ll stop) has a far reduced budget in comparison to some of their more recent horror offerings and from the looks of the latest tv spot is actually going to be a proper horror movie.

T.V. audiences recently got their first glimpse of ‘The Invisible Man’ a movie for which Universal has made the much praised decision, not least by me, to pitch for an ‘R rating’.

The movie, a resurrection of one of Universal’s classic 1930’s stable of horror monsters, sees the character given a fresh makeover and judging by the TV spot, a far more menacing, bloodthirsty and deliciously violent edge.

Veering on psychological horror, the spot shows the female lead tormented by an invisible assailant and clearly being judged as unstable.

The pacy, jarring, score ramps up tension in a quick but effective sprint through some key ideas as our heroine is seen being manhandled in an institution and subdued by orderlies. As the clip progresses however, it becomes clear (transparent almost, Oh mercy!) that the threat, though not visible, is very, very real.

Universal will be hoping that the comparatively low investment in terms of budget can translate into some very visible profit at the box office when the film opens on Feb 28th.

Check out the TV spot here