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Woodworker Creates Outstanding Tim Burton-esque Furniture

Woodworker Creates Outstanding Tim Burton-esque Furniture

Art comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and while some artwork can be quite bland and straightforward, that is definitely not the case for these unbelievable Tim Burton-esque woodwork furniture designs.

Henk Verhoeff – a man from New Zealand who has become a master in the art of woodworking over the years – has impressed everybody with his completely unique styles and designs.

His talents were first discovered when his daughter shared his wonderful creations on a social media group with other woodworkers.

The closest comparison to man’s craftsmanship has to be the beautifully weird world of Tim Burton’s creations, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we ended up seeing Verhoeff’s work appear inside the filmmaker’s movies in the near future.

The amazing thing about these seemingly broken dressers is not only their unusual beauty but also the fact that they’re fully functional.

One Of A Kind Woodwork Creations By Henk is a Facebook page dedicated to sharing his unbelievable artwork – set up by his daughter – and you can join the other 112,000 people who opt to follow this outstandingly skilled woodworker, HERE!

Henk Verhoeff was astonished by the support and love he has received since his work began trending on social media, and now his stunningly weird designs are in high demand.


The above image is the latest update given on Henk’s latest piece, which only needs finishing touches and varnish to be complete.

Although most of his work shares a similar look, each working has its own unique feel and is entirely unlike any other custom art you will see.

How much does Henk Verhoeff’s work resemble Tim Burton’s? Would you put one of his unique dressers on display at your home? Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions about the matter and have your say in the comments.