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Love Zombies? Check Out These Coffee Mugs!

Love Zombies? Check Out These Coffee Mugs!

Zombies are well known as people who are back from the dead and have only one thing on their minds- I need to eat. However, do you ever feel like you’re a zombie in the morning because you’re moving slow, you’re sluggish, you’re dragging your feet under you, and you make little to no conversation with the people surrounding you? Are you constantly looking for mugs that match your personality? How about checking out these zombie mugs. Thanks to Kevin “Turkey” Merck, not only can you avoid zombie attacks from the impending zombie apocalypse, but you can also have a mug that represents exactly how you feel in the morning. These terrifying mugs are handmade from Merck, specifically out of clay and epoxy resin, and only cost about 220 USD.

Merck explains that his best friends dad is a 5th generation Master Potter, which intrigued Merck so much that he started to study under him in 2001. He would go to his best friends dad shop and learn how to work with clay and how to make different things out of it. He continues on by describing the area that he lived in, which was an area that had a multitude of craftsmen, leaving Merck fortunate enough to work under a few of the potters in town. Each of the potters Merck worked with offered help in different specific areas that Merck wanted to learn, such as firing or glazing. Merck is a high school teacher and only works on sculpting during the evening times and on the weekends, making him have enough time to create such unique and extremely detailed coffee mugs.

5 Handmade Zombie Coffee Mugs

Each coffee mug is different from the rest and has a unique zombie face on it. Some are left with an open mouth while others are staring at you with one eye, and others, well, are just plain creepy. Some of these mugs have been discontinued, though, because of how quickly they sold out. Each mug is custom glazed and the colors may very from the images listed below. All images come from Kevin Merck’s website, which is listed below the images so you can check out the mugs yourself and learn more about them! Please note that these mugs are hand crafted, fully functional, dishwasher and microwavable safe, and holds approximately 15-16 ounces of your favorite morning brew. Check out the website to find out more details and customize your own zombie mug!

The Misfit mug


The Cranky Kevin mug

Zombie mug

The Crimson Vampyr mug

Scary Zombie

The sold out and discontinued Slow Joe-ker mug

zombie mug

The discontinued and sold out Slow Joe Warboy mug

The discontinued and sold out Slow Joe Warboy mug
**ALL IMAGES FROM: Turkey Merck**