There has been a certain viral sensation making its rounds on the internet again recently, and we can’t decide if it is more creepy or adorable.

Even though I’m not particularly afraid of clowns, Stephen King’s IT has terrified me as well as millions across the globe for generations, and one 17-year-old boy from Mississippi has taken it to the next level.

Originally taken back in 2017, Instagrammer Eagan Tilghman started off by dressing his little brother as Pennywise the clown and the photos were so well done that it took the internet by storm!

Tilghman was not only the photographer but also the makeup artist and costume designer for all of the photos which makes the feat even more impressive and as his popularity grew, so did the quality of his work.

Tilghman went on to gain over 33,000 followers on Instagram and even made an appearance on the second season of NBC’s Making It, a show where contestants take on the task of creating certain handmade projects. Tilghman was unfortunately eliminated from the show before the final round but there were many who saw his departure from the competition as unfair.

Tilghman went on to tell his fans just how much their support meant to him when it came to molding his little brother into the iconic horror clown. “In one year, these three images alone managed to get me thousands of followers.” He says, regarding his most popular photos “They got me across the states to meet some of the most AMAZING PEOPLE who live my dream every day!”. He goes on to say that the pictures are a “symbol” to him and that they are not simply recreations of a “demonic scary clown”.

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In one year, these three images alone managed to get me thousands of followers. They got me across the states to meet some of the most AMAZING PEOPLE who live my dream every day! They got me friends, such as @myers.losers, @saratheterra @sonofpumpkinhead, @mabry_monsters, @h2originals, @kreaturekid, and so many more that I wouldn’t be able to fit the list in this post. They helped me make career connections, and more. But what I’m most thankful for is that they’re a symbol to me. I got a lot of hate for these, simply because it was a “demonic scary clown” And while I can’t deny that he’s dressed as a scary clown, things are significant to people in ways you can’t understand. Before these images went viral, and before I finally got a good amount of recognition for my work, I was dealing with literally the WORST year of my entire life. I was depressed, and suicidal, I didnt know who I was or where I was meant to be, I didn’t want to be me, I didn’t want to be alive. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna be all corny and say that these images changed everything, and they’re the reason I’m still here. But these images signify a change. After these got popular, it gave me a huge confidence boost. Some really terrible things still happened after that (really terrible) but these images had a lot to do with me finally coming to love myself. They were just kind of a sign from god that I can do big things, and that there’s no reason to loathe and doubt myself so much. They’re my turning point. In one year I went from depressed, suicidal, angry at the world, from the darkest place I’ve ever been, to probably the best. I’m not going to lie to you and say everything is perfect now because it isn’t, but I have extreme confidence now. I love myself and I love my work. I know I have the means to make a difference and to live my dream. I haven’t been suicidal, I haven’t had the constant mood swings. I’ve been the real me, the happy, creative, outgoing, doesn’t care what people think, fight for those who can’t, me, so thank you guys so much. It’s been a great year, and her and here’s to many many even greater ones!

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So let us know what you think about these Pennywise themed creations, are they cute, terrifying or downright demonic?

All photo credits in this article go to Eagan Tilghman/ Instagram.