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Check Out These Abandoned Houses Filled With Horror-Themed Graffiti

Check Out These Abandoned Houses Filled With Horror-Themed Graffiti

Art is one of the worlds most beautiful things, whether you’re in awe while observing Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting, the weirdly wonderful Vincent van Gogh piece named The Starry Night, or even a random drawing on the door in a public restroom, it’s hard to deny the beauty human creativity can be.

This especially applies to drawings and paintings dedicated to our favorite horror movie icons, as we fanatics are introduced into a whole new world with legendary figures we know and love (and sometimes fear).

Thanks to a post on social media just days ago, we have been gifted with some insanely skilled graffiti art that showcases some of our most beloved fictional characters from past and present.

Below, you can check out some of the many freakishly talented works of art this artist has produced. The man used abandoned houses as his canvas, presenting us with some outstandingly unique pieces of art.

All credit goes to davidl_bcn on Instagram, make sure to check out this incredible talent.

This terrifying Pennywise is sure to keep you up at night, but only because you’ll be busy admiring the fine piece of work.

This unique take on everybody’s favorite serial killer doll, Chucky, is so terrifyingly admirable we just can’t look away!

This crazed-looking graffiti art manages to give Beetlejuice complete justice while also creeping us out a little.

Another doll that caught our attention from the phenomenal work of this artist was this scary wide-eyed version of Annabelle.

The artist which can be found in a link above, or HERE, has also used his skills to paint Freddy, Jason, and Hannibal Lecter, among other infamous horror movie villains. Be sure to check out DavidL’s art and browse his unbelievable workings throughout the years.

How do you rate these pieces of art? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments.