Home Animals Check Out This 224-Piece Jigsaw With 43 Separate Cat Shaped Pieces

Check Out This 224-Piece Jigsaw With 43 Separate Cat Shaped Pieces

Check Out This 224-Piece Jigsaw With 43 Separate Cat Shaped Pieces

Creative pieces of art and cats are two of our world’s most wonderful things, and when you combine the two together, you get this unbelievably eye-catching puzzle.

Thanks to Nervous System, you can now get your very own cat jigsaw that has unique pieces shaped like, well… cats.

This 224-piece jigsaw – which reveals a breathtaking and incredibly colorful picture once completed – is made up of 43 separate cat-shaped pieces that must be all fit together in order to successfully finish the puzzle.

Credit – Nervous System

The jigsaw pieces cover some of the many personalities and traits cats tend to have. Whether it’s in the shape of a sleepy cat, a confident strutting cat, a cat that’s steadying itself for a big leap, or simply a cat just being cute, this puzzle has it all.

For those of you who find a 224-piece jigsaw daunting, there’s an alternate version that has 114-pieces with 23 different felines – though the puzzle will be larger in size.

Below, you can see the difference between the standard size and the larger puzzle, which are a 1.8x scale from the original.

Cat Jigsaw
Credit – Nervous System

Whether you’re interested in buying this as a gift for yourself to venture into your creative side or you know somebody that would love piecing together a cat made of cats, you can do so by visiting “Nervous System”, HERE!

The jigsaw will set you back $75.00 and ships within 3 weeks, but what’s money if you can’t treat yourself or others to a “purr-fect cat puzzle” like this one?!

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What do you think of this marvelous jigsaw puzzle? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.