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This Tiny Pool Ramp Helps Save Animals From Drowning

This Tiny Pool Ramp Helps Save Animals From Drowning

A fantastic new piece of equipment has surfaced and it’s a real life-saver for critters.


Whether you’ve witnessed it or not, animals tend to get stuck in pools when they go for a swim, and unfortunately, they end up drowning as they have no way of getting to safety.

Now, the Froglog is a critter saving escape ramp suitable for any pool, and it’s not just frogs and toads that need saving.


Snakes, turtles, mice, bees, ducklings, lizards, squirrels, birds, and rabbits, alongside many other animals and insects, can use the tiny pool ramp to climb to freedom.


The great thing is that this contraption is incredibly simple to set up, and once in place, it doesn’t take long until in-need animals find their way onto the ramp and crawl their way out of the pool.

A more selfish way of looking at it is, having the Froglog in your pool helps to keep it clean, as there’ll be far fewer critters drowning in your pool, meaning much less clean up.


The Froglog is currently available to order on Amazon for the cut price of just $18.97.

If you are interested in trying your best to save animals from drowning in your pool, or you’re a little more self-centered and want to avoid cleaning up dead critters, you can do so by visiting Swimline on Amazon, HERE!


If you’re doubting the effectiveness of the product and want to know if it has worked for others, worry no longer. On Amazon, the Froglog boasts a 4.6/5 star rating from a massive 2,331 reviews, meaning their customers are quite clearly satisfied.


It has also been labeled Amazon’s Choice for its high rating and great price.

Will you be buying one of these life-saving Froglog’s? Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.