Home Lifestyle Check Out This Gothic Ice Cream To Feed Your Dark Cravings

Check Out This Gothic Ice Cream To Feed Your Dark Cravings

Check Out This Gothic Ice Cream To Feed Your Dark Cravings

Darkness is everywhere, and we are gifted with everything from Corpse Bride-inspired heels to in-demand mysterious cakes, but one thing we continue to be without is a good gothic snack.


Not anymore, however, as we have recently been presented with charcoal-colored ice cream and it’s everything we’ve ever hoped for.

Little Damage, an LA-based ice cream store, is providing us with the beautiful but haunting creation that is charcoal ice cream and as you can see below, the results are perfect.


The ice cream also comes in a mesmerizing sky blue color.


Or even this white on black combination.


Although you may not be willing to ruin such beauty (believe me, we understand why), customers can decorate their ‘Little Damage’ desserts to their liking, whether that being half-and-half colors, sprinkles/peanuts, or even a cute bat decoration.


The ice cream shop has a variety of incredibly eye-catching colors and flavors, which welcomes everybody in, no matter their taste.

Not only is the ice cream very tasty, but the activated charcoal also helps our bodies flush away unwanted substances and toxins.

If you want a closer look for yourselves, head over to Little Damage on Instagram and take a browse through their collection of mouth-watering pictures.


Along with their unreal sweet treats, fans can venture throughout their website where they’ll find Little Damage stickers, gift cards, and hilarious merch for fans of the company.

The store showcases two of its most popular clothing items, one being a black tank top that reads “Cute But Psycho, But Cute…” and one black t-shirt which says “I licked it, so it’s mine”.

Not only is Little Damage good with snacks, but it also knows exactly how most of us feel and prints our thoughts on a top.


You can find their website HERE!