Home TV Documentary Streaming Service Paying $1000 To Watch True Crime Docs.

Documentary Streaming Service Paying $1000 To Watch True Crime Docs.

Documentary Streaming Service Paying $1000 To Watch True Crime Docs.

Are you stuck at home running out of things to keep yourself entertained? Do you think you could stomach watching true crime documentaries for a day straight and come out the same on the other side? Then documentary streaming service Magellan TV has an interesting proposition for you.

Magellan is looking to hire someone to sit through sixteen crime docs and are offering a rather enticing $1000 pay packet to do so.


Covering topics from Charles Manson to the Columbine massacre, Magellan has put out a list of sixteen different documentaries that will be included in the challenge.

According to the contest holders, the true-crime fanatic will have to have “a passion for all things true crime” and that they have to be able to “handle the creepiest serial killer, the grizzliest details, and the haunting spookiness of the paranormal.”.

All Magellan asks for you to do in return is to document the whole thing on social media “so their followers can watch to see if they crack…or not”.

Also on offer for the successful candidate is a free 1-year membership to the streaming platform as well as three 3-month passes to share amongst friends and family.

In a news release, the company stated their reasons for holding the competition, saying that “MagellanTV is excited about its true crime and mystery content and wants to share and see what true crime fans think. And what better time to do that than now, while so many of us are stuck at home?”.

So if that sounds right up your murder alley, head on over to Magellan’s website to apply and let us know how you get on.